About Carefree Cocoon


When we were trying to find information on certain baby carriers, we struggled. We had difficultly finding quality photos, measurements, action shots, and flat shots, to help decide if we liked a certain carrier or not.

We are moms. We know lots of other moms. We have friends who swear they could not live without a baby carrier – especially moms who have a newborn AND a toddler to chase!

We also have friends who say things like, “Those wrap things didn’t work for me. I wish they had. They look so convenient.”

Pretty much everyone these days has at least one baby carrier by the time their baby is born. Unfortunately, it is often a carrier that doesn’t end up working for them.

There are probably as many brands of baby carriers as shoes. Without a babywearing store for trying different carriers, parents rely on the internet for information.

We are hoping to help by providing clear photos, detailed descriptions, and measurements, to help parents and caregivers find carriers that truly work for them.

This site provides information to help caregivers find baby carriers that truly work.  We love to see happy babies – kicking their legs in their baby carrier “cocoon”, and happy parents – navigating their home and the world with a (close to) carefree hands-free experience.

When we brainstormed a name for our site, we loved the idea of our baby our child, cuddled safe in a “cocoon” on our body. We liked the word “carefree” because being “carefree” is a gift we hope to give our children as they grow.

When children are tiny, and seem to cry for every little thing, we discovered their happiness in being “worn” on our bodies.

We discovered the freedom of our own two hands – free to do something besides carrying our baby in them.

Parenting will never be truly carefree! But having your hands free AND a happy baby is delightful and freeing!  Being safe and cozy with a parent is a precious gift for our children.

Every person’s budget, tastes, body, and babywearing preferences are different. We believe there is a carrier to fit each person’s need.