About Our Ads and Affiliates

Our goal with this site – for the public – is to provide detailed information about carriers.

Our goal – for ourselves (Joy and Emily) – is to provide a revenue stream to help support our families. We are stay-at-home moms, running homes and slinging kids, while our husbands provide the primary income. As anyone who has tried it knows, being a one-income family isn’t for the fainthearted.

The ads on our site are hand-selected. We try to keep them interesting to our audience, and not “spammy” in quantity or style.

If you click an ad, but purchase at a later date, consider coming back over to us, and clicking through us, to purchase. Otherwise, we don’t profit from this venture. And we’d like to make a profit, so we can keep it going.

The carriers we review are primarily ones we have bought and sold ourselves. If any of our carriers are donated, or we receive a profit from a manufacturer or retailer, we will mention it in the post about that carrier. Regardless of how we work with certain companies, we will provide an accurate description of the carriers we discuss.

If your business is interested in collaborating with us through an affiliate program, or to feature your products, please contact us!

Here’s our affiliate links. You can help us by using these links, if you choose to purchase from these vendors!

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WordPress is a free add-on to BlueHost. If you want to start a blog, the interwebs will tell you that BlueHost is pretty fabulous. We found it easy to set up and use.

Our website template is sold by Angie Makes.  If you purchase from Angie Makes using our affiliate link, that helps! We tried a few free templates. As new WordPress users, we found the free templates to be cumbersome and limiting. Angie Makes templates are a one-time purchase, and their customer support is fabulous. They usually email us back within hours of any question we have.

The “mama metal” jewelry artisans we feature have collaborated with us, each in a unique manner. For the items listed in our shop, we receive a percentage of the sale price, with the artisan retaining the bulk of the revenue. These same products can be purchased directly from the artisans, away from our site, if you choose. Shopping with us helps keep us going!