About the Authors – Emily



Hi I’m Emily!  I want to share my most recent baby wearing wins with you.

Babywearing win #1:

I needed to get a load of dishes in the dishwasher and I had a window of time in which I could do it.  However, my 11 month old needed to take a nap right at the same time.  So up she went into the carrier and onto my back.  Viola! She fell asleep and I got my dishes done.

Babywearing win #2:

On a recent outing to Costco I had my 4 year old and my 11 month old with me.  They both started out in the child seats at the front of the shopping cart but within ten minutes,  my 11 month old started to get fussy.  I put her in the carrier and she was content for the hour that we were at Costco.  Mission accomplished!

Babywearing win #3:

My four year old got a pedal bike for her birthday.  She wanted to practice riding it to the mailbox.  If I had been pushing the baby in the stroller, there is no way I could have guided her on her bike at the same time.  Thanks to babywearing,  I didn’t need to!

Babywearing has been so empowering for me.