Babywearing Photo Contest

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We are excited to offer an amazing opportunity to babywearers in San Antonio, Texas!  FREE babywearing photo sessions!

To promote babywearing and promote our site, we are offering up to ten FREE babywearing mini photo sessions in San Antonio, Texas.

Winners will receive a fifteen-minute babywearing photo session, and ten full-resolution digital images from the photo session.

Winner photos and stories will be published on our website / blog. Winners must participate with our guidelines (listed below) in order to receive the free digital images.

Deadline to enter is Sunday night, March 6th, at midnight central time.

Send submissions to our email address: hello [at] carefreecocoon [dot] com



  1. Facebook “Like” our business page Carefree Cocoon.
  2. Comment on one of our Facebook posts about a carrier we have reviewed (perhaps comment your thoughts on a carrier, or comment “lovely color!” etc.).
  3. Share the link to this post about the contest on your Facebook personal profile page, making the post “public.”
  4. Submit a 300 to 600 word story about your babywearing journey. Here are some ideas to get you started. You do not need to answer all these questions. They are meant as brainstorming ideas for your story.
  • How has babywearing changed you as a parent?
  • How has babywearing affected your children?
  • How has babywearing helped you?
  • What have you accomplished with babywearing that otherwise was not possible?
  • Describe a fun adventure or family outing you’ve been on, while babywearing.



Winners must:

  1. Be located in, or willing to travel to, San Antonio, Texas, for the photo session.
  2. Sign a model release allowing Carefree Cocoon to use their photos and image for our business purposes.
  3. Bring one or two baby carriers to be used during the photo session.
  4. Bring a child to be “worn” during the photo session. Must be a child whose guardian is willing to sign a model release allowing Carefree Cocoon to use their photos and image for our business purposes.
  5. Give us permission to use the story you submitted, for our business purposes.
  6. Have ten friends Facebook “like” our business page. Provide the names of those friends so we can verify they have liked the page.
  7. Once your story and photos are published on our page, Facebook “share” the post on your personal profile page, making the post “public.”

Once the winner has completed the above requirements, the digital photos (up to ten images) will be provided and able to be digitally downloaded for the winner’s personal use.