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Babywearing is one of the most useful tools in my parenting arsenal. When my first sweet baby was born, I only wore her for the first five months. It made all outings to the grocery store and church possible. I didn’t have many friends that wore their babies, and I didn’t have experience beyond a stretchy wrap. I stopped wearing her once she started stretching her way out of it.

This all changed with my second little one. With a brand new baby and an active toddler, babywearing became more than a convenient tool – it was almost necessary. I could comfort a fussy baby, at the same time as playing with and teaching my beautiful, inquisitive toddler. My second little one had major tummy issues, and babywearing soothed him during that tough time as well. He’s now eighteen months old, and I’m pregnant with another sweet little one. I have modified how I wear him, but we’re still going strong. I still wear him any time we go to the store, to avoid juggling two toddlers in the basket. He loves it. It’s a sweet bonding time between the two of us. He loves viewing the world around him, and I appreciate that he’s contained!

Our babywearing tools have expanded a bit. In the beginning, I was wearing him in a stretchy wrap, as I did my daughter. However, my thoughtful mother-in-law gifted a ring sling to me when he was born. That particular tool is still in use, even with a 30-pound chunk of boy in it! He loves to help me vacuum, so I’ll put him in the ring sling and let him hold the cord. I have owned two soft-structured carriers so far – a smaller one that fit him for the first several months, and later, one I made myself. Both of those carriers have been well-loved. When he was big enough to wear on my back, I wanted to try wrapping him in a woven wrap, so I reached out to a babywearing group in San Antonio. I attended one of their meetings, and fell in love with how comfortable it was to use a wrap. A wonderful mom let me borrow one to see whether my son and I would like it for extended periods of time. I only had the wrap a day or two before I wanted one added to our babywearing toolbox.

Life is easier thanks to babywearing. We go to busy outdoor areas without maneuvering a stroller through crowds or stairs. When our family takes walks, we use a stroller for our older toddler and wear the younger one. We haven’t felt the need to purchase a bulky double stroller.

There are emotional benefits to babywearing too. It helps me feel close to my sweet little boy and still interact with my amazing big girl. Considering how much my little boy loves to be worn, I may learn to tandem wear when this next one arrives on the scene!


Fill in the blank: Motherhood is…….

The sweetest, hardest, most rewarding job in the world. It has so many ups and downs, but even through those difficult times, I love watching my children turn into the amazing people they are.

How has being a mother changed you?

It has humbled me. There are so many situations out of our control as parents – illnesses, injuries, Terrible Twos, etc. Before having kids, I would think my way out of situations and, for the most part, rely on my own abilities. As a parent, I have learned so much more about relying on God in situations where there is *nothing* I can do. I am grateful for these lessons, as difficult as they might be.

What is something your children have taught you?

They have taught me to value slowing down and enjoying small moments. I am someone who wants to get things done, but then one of my beautiful children wants me to hold them for a while longer. I remind myself that this – the snuggles, the closeness, the “fit” of them in my arms – will be gone so fast. I want to look back and remember snuggles and sweet moments; not that I finished an extra load of laundry.

What do your kids do that makes you laugh?

Oh my – SO many things! Corbin dances to music by bobbing his head back and forth. It’s the cutest thing in the world. He likes to help Daddy make “foffee” (coffee), and it’s always, “hot, hot, hot.” This has become a regular chore he helps with. He has called his Daddy “Foffee” on several occasions. Genevieve comes up with the funniest sayings and names out of nowhere, then waits to see our reactions. She turns into a hyper maniac when she gets to video chat with her Mimi and Pappy. She can be quietly working on a project, but the moment she sees them on the screen, she runs circles around the living room, dancing wildly to whatever song is playing in her head. They both love tickling Mommy and Daddy. We all end up laughing so hard we can hardly stand it. A lot of our days are filled with laughter, and that’s a really good feeling.

What is one piece of advice on motherhood that has helped you?

“It takes a village.” I have no idea where we would be without the people surrounding us or our faith in God. We have the best support team in the world. There are so many people we can call at a moment’s notice. Our friends and family are so much more than an emergency phone call, though. These people help us raise our children in a Godly environment. Our friends teach any number of lessons, whether fun ones (how to properly wield a hammer) or serious ones. David and I soak in advice from many around us. These friends help us get out of the house to maintain our sanity (ha!). Our family and friends love, cherish, and remain committed to our kids almost as much as we are. We could not be more grateful.


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  1. I love the story! It gives the perspective of someone with extensive experience with babywearing and what different types she’s tried and why she likes the different ones and also how she feels about motherhood. The pictures are beautiful real life.

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