Bara Barn Knot Shawl | Salsa | Review


This carrier is:

  • Bara Barn brand.
  • Striped pattern.
  • Salsa is the name of the color.
  • 100% cotton.
  • Size 2.

Words I would use to describe this carrier:

  • smooth
  • very thin
  • moldeable
  • sturdy
  • durable
  • lightweight
  • breathable
  • cool
  • diggy

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This was one of my first few wraps, three years ago!

Bara Barn calls this woven wrap a “knot shawl.” It is a size 2 and has blunt ends instead of tapers. Typically this length is used for a rebozo carry, which is very similar to a ring sling, only using a slipknot instead of rings.

This wrap is 100% cotton and very thin, one of the thinnest wraps I’ve tried in three years.  There’s just a handful of ways you can wrap / tie this sling, since it is so short.  Short wraps are ideal for: summer (when you don’t want a lot of fabric around you or baby), toddlers (who want to get up / down / up / down, or are only “up” for short periods of time), speed (when you just want to carry the baby quickly without a lot of hassle).

Some people keep a shorty in the car, since it is so quick and easy.  A downside of a wrap so thin, and so short, it’s not one you can wear for long periods of time and stay comfortable.  The thin fabric can start digging into your shoulders, or pulling uncomfortably.  The baby’s entire weight is on your shoulders, versus carries with longer wraps that can put some of baby’s weight on your torso, or SSCs or Mei Tais that can put some of baby’s weight on your hips.  If baby is 23 pounds, like my son pictured, I’m only comfortable in this carry for about thirty minutes.  It would not be what I would choose to wear him for an hour.

It is hot in Texas in the summer.  I like it because it is lightweight, thin, and really doesn’t add any warmth to baby wearing, other than what our two bodies already generate being close to each other.

I take my Bara Barns camping, or to the river.  I don’t mind if they get wet, because they dry fast.  They are more “grippy” when wet (extra friction of fabric rubbing together making it a bit harder to tie).  When we camped this summer, my Bara Barn is what I used most of the time.   I even took it along while we tubed down the river. I used it as a nursing cover and wet cooling towel and sun shade.  Once we got off our tubes, the sling was soaking wet, and I would tie Jax up in a quick rucksack carry on my back, leaving my hands free to carry tubes or whatever else, while we hiked the mile back to the camp site. There aren’t too many baby carriers that would hold up to this experience!

The Bara Barn Knot Shawls are also my very favorite wrap for “belly wrapping” when I’m pregnant. I still own two which I use for that purpose, to provide back and belly support during pregnancy!

I am wearing this sling in a “RTIF” carry, the acronym for “ruck tied in front.”  I started with a single pass around Jax, tucked nicely under his bum to make a “seat” for him, up and over my shoulders (that is the part called “ruck straps”), then over his leg and under his other leg, making an “x” under his bum, then around to tie in front of me.  If I were any thicker around, or if I didn’t get him up really high on my shoulders, or he was much taller, we could not RTIF with this length of sling.  I would typically use a size 3 wrap for this carry instead.

This size 2 length works best for me in a back carry called RUB or “ruck tied under bum.”  That carry is considered one for advanced wrappers, so I’m told.. When I used this wrap in a RUB, I was a new wrapper! Because of the extra width of the Bara Barn, it was easy to get a deep seat, which is important for the RUB carry to be secure.

While I don’t have my own measurements of this wrap, Purple Elm Baby states that Bara Barn Knot Shawls are 2.75m in length, 80cm in width, and 134 g/m2 in thickness (very thin as woven wraps go).

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