Bara Barn | Ring Sling | Mint | Review

This carrier is:

  • Bara Barn brand.
  • Ring sling.
  • 100% cotton.
  • Single layer of fabric.
  • Mint is the name of this particular colorway.

Words I would use to describe this carrier:

  • sturdy
  • durable
  • airy
  • breathable
  • light
  • thin

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This was the first ring sling I owned.  Learning how to use ring slings properly was a major factor in being able to enjoy using them. These photos are of my firstborn, who as of now in 2016 is four years old! I didn’t have than hang of ring slings in these images, and my son is not seated quite right. He should have his knees up higher than his bum, rather than his knees sagging down beneath his bum.

Bara Barns are much wider than other wraps, so it actually makes it easy to get a nice deep seat. I just hadn’t done the greatest job in these photos.

Ring slings vary in length, and are labeled with a size such as small, medium, large, etc.  Many manufacturers will recommended a ring sling size comparing to the tee-shirt size of the wearer. However, different sizes can fit different wearers with a lot of ease.

The size is measured from where the fabric begins at the rings, to the center of the “tail.”  If the fabric is tapered at the end, it is measured to the center of the taper (rather than the short side or long side).   I have worn ring slings from extra small to large.  The large was problematic since it hung down almost to my ankles. To adjust the length,  I wrapped the tail several times around the rings (as shown in the above photos).

I do wear an XS shirt size, and an XS ring sling is short and easy on me. However, a small or medium length is useful when nursing in public, as the tail can be used as a small cover.

Bara Barn ring slings are the same fabric as Bara Barn wraps, which they call a “knot shawl.” Both ends are  blunt  / flat, without a taper. The ring slings are ready-made with a gathered shoulder style (how the fabric is attached to the rings).

The color of this Bara Barn is “mint.”  It is a vibrant turquoise or aqua color, with a stripe of a greener turquoise and a deeper denim blue, along one “rail” (one side of the long length of the fabric).

Bara Barn fabric is extremely thin. It is almost as thin as the Wrapsody Breeze wraps, which are woven cotton gauze. The thin fabric also seemed comparable to me with the Sakura Bloom discontinued Pure single-layer linen ring slings.

Because the cotton is so thin, it is extremely lightweight, breathable, and airy for warm weather. It also felt a bit diggy on my shoulder, due to the combination of the gathered shoulder style and the thin fabric.

As a new user, a gathered shoulder style was a little challenging to learn. Later on, I found it easier to learn to use a ring sling with a pleated or hybrid shoulder style. Once I got the hang of those, I was able to use a gathered shoulder style easily.

I would consider this a lovely ring sling for a newborn in a hot summer. One could also use a single-layer linen sling for this circumstance. Cotton has the benefit of being easy to launder, and no-fuss.

I don’t have my own measurements of this sling. According to it is 81″ long (comparable to a size Large in other brands) and 31.5″ wide (most major brands run 25-28″ wide, so Bara Barn is substantially wider).

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