Beco Toddler Plus One Soft Structured Carrier SSC Buckle

This carrier is:

  • Beco brand.
  • “Toddler” is the name Beco has given to this size/structure carrier.
  • Soft structured carrier (SSC), sometimes called a buckle carrier.
  • 100% cotton.
  • “Plus One” is the name of the pattern and color combination.

Words I would use to describe this carrier:

  • structured
  • comfortable
  • sturdy
  • soft
  • versatile
  • lightweight
  • padded

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The Beco Toddler carrier is currently ( as of this writing) the largest size carrier the Beco brand manufactures. The body panel is generously-sized, and accommodated both my 2 year old and my almost 5 year old. It is not designed for use with newborns or small infants.


The entire carrier is made from cotton canvas. The canvas is lightweight, soft, and supple. It is not rough as some brands of canvas buckle carriers can be. The softness and texture remind me of the cotton canvas Tula. It is breathable and not too hot to wear.

The weave of the fabric gives it diagonal stretch, which provides a large and deep fit for the child, and added comfort for the wearer.

In the “Plus One” model, the shoulder straps and “frame” of the body panel are a solid pale grey. The center of the body panel and the “legs out” padding area is dark grey with white plus signs.


The Beco Toddler is a large carrier that should fit children approximately age 2 and up. It is large enough for use with pre-school aged children, as shown with my tall, almost 5-year old in the photos.

My 2 year old is at the age of resisting being worn, and he was particularly unhappy with the large body panel size of this carrier, as it restricted all his movement in his upper body. He had to keep his arms tucked inside and he prefers to ride with arms out. As a result, a standard size body panel is still my preference for him. For a toddler who might frustrate the wearer with too much wiggling or leaning, a large carrier like this would keep their body more confined, resulting in less strain on the wearer’s body.

The manufacturer states it may be used for 25 to 60 lbs.


I have worn toddler carriers by Tula, Kinderpack, Lenny Lamb, Soul, and this Beco. All have variations in their fit. When I am wearing a child on the front of my body, I prefer straps which can cross over my back. The Beco Toddler is one of the very few SSC carriers which accommodate this comfortably. It can be done in the Lenny Lamb or Kinderpack, but because of the contoured shoulder straps, it isn’t as comfortable as wearing the straps traditionally (backpack style using chest clip). For the Beco Toddler, the straps are padded but straight, in order to fit better with the X shape over the back. In a back carry, I prefer contoured shoulder straps from other brands.

The waistband is thick and stiff, which bears weight well. For my body, since I have bony hips, I prefer a slightly thinner and more flexible waistband.


The main body panel is two layers of fabric with light padding between the layers.  It has deep seat darts, and squishy legs-out padding. The legs-out padding feels the same as that used for the body panel, just a light padding. The sides of the body panel are lightly contoured, and the top of the body panel is curved upward. There are three snaps at the top of the body panel which can be used to attach either the hood, or a small pouch.

19″ wide including seat darts (stretches to fit close to 20″ if child is heavy)

19″ tall to the top of the arched body panel


The hood is removable with three snaps at the top of the body panel. It is a single layer of grey cotton canvas. It has a partial elastic cinch at the sides. Since I personally never use a hood for a toddler, I appreciate its removability.

8″ wide

14″ tall


When the hood is removed, the same three snaps on the body panel may be used to attach a small pouch. The pouch closes with a zipper.

8″ wide

8″ tall


The waistband is padded with thick, stiff, sturdy padding. It seems stiffer to me than the Beco Gemini (which both my husband and I love with an infant). It has a flat shape, with angled sections at the ends of the padded area, to better wrap around hips. It has a pocket on the waistband that closes with velcro. The buckles and webbing are “dual adjust” that is on both sides of the waistband (some manufacturers have one buckle anchored and webbing only on one side). The buckles are locking buckles which require two hands to open and close. This is not my personal preference, since I’ve never had a non-locking buckle come undone, and it’s much harder to get these buckles open. It’s not a deal breaker for a carrier I like, and Beco is one of the few manufacturers using these types of buckles.

5″ tall at center, tapers to 2.5″ tall at sides

26″ padded fabric section

18″ nylon webbing on each side

2″ nylon webbing width

28″ minimum waist length

64″ maximum waist length


The shoulder straps have thick, squishy, flexible padding, much different than the padding in the waistband). The straps are straight in shape, not contoured. They unbuckle at the sides, and are quite comfortable when crossed in an X shape over the wearer’s back (with baby in a front carry). Since the body panel is so wide, this places the shoulder straps farther apart than on a carrier with a smaller body panel (such as Beco’s Gemini or Soliel). I found that the shoulder straps were falling off my shoulders too easily in a front carry, simply because of the width of the body panel and the straight shape of the straps. With some further adjusting, I may have been able to overcome this, but with my narrow shoulders it was a bit of a challenge, and not a problem with physically smaller carriers.  It has PFA’s (perfect fit adjuster buckles), and a chest clip with room to slide a bit.  The nylon webbing has elastic loops at the ends for rolling it up.

20″ padded

First 6″ of fabric section near body panel is unpadded, to allow PFAs to be tightened

24″ nylon webbing attached to main shoulder strap (has elastic at ends for rolling up)

1″ width of nylon webbing

21″ smallest shoulder strap length without tightening PFAs

16″ smallest shoulder strap length with PFAs fully tightened

44″ longest shoulder strap length

We would be thrilled if you would add YOUR OWN review of this carrier! Reader reviews located at the end of the post near the comments section.

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