Bibetts | 100% Linen Ring Sling | Grey | Review


This carrier is:

  • Bibetts brand.
  • Ring sling.
  • 100% linen.
  • Single layer of fabric.
  • Grey is the name of this particular colorway.

Words I would use to describe this carrier:

  • sturdy
  • strong
  • airy
  • breathable
  • light

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Last summer I went on a linen ring sling round up. I tried several different brands, looking for a color and shoulder style that suited me.


Linen as a fiber, is strong and sturdy, without stretch, “give” or “bounce.” This solid feeling of it could create a feeling a pressure on the shoulder, especially considering that a ring sling puts all of baby’s weight onto one shoulder. They can be quite supportive of a child’s weight and useful for many ages of children. I have used many brands of linen ring slings, and find them versatile and comfortable for short periods of time (less than one hour of wearing). Linen has grip to the fabric, which helps it stay put in the rings. It is strong, supportive, and sturdy.

The linen feels textured to the touch, with typical linen nubs and bumps. Pure linen tends to be rough when new, and require breaking in to become soft. I found this true of the linen used by Bibetts – it was quite rough when new. It seemed it would need quite a bit of breaking in to become softer.

The color was a medium shade of grey, versatile and classic. The color was darker than several other pale grey linen slings I tried. The Sling Rings on this particular model were black.


The stitching where the fabric attaches to the rings is called the shoulder style. There are several manufacturers with pleated shoulder styles, gathered shoulder styles, or hybrid shoulder styles (some unique combination of pleats and gathers).

Bibetts ring slings are typically made with her pleated shoulder style. Her pleated shoulder is much more narrow in shape than Sleeping Baby Productions pleated shoulders. The SBP shoulder style felt restrictive to my arm movement, no matter how I fussed with it. The Bibetts pleats have a narrower finish, and fit my narrow shoulders better. It was the first pleated shoulder style which I personally found comfortable.

A standard pleated shoulder can be easier to learn to use than a gathered shoulder, since the pleats hold the fabric in place over the wearer’s shoulder cap. Personally, I prefer a gathered or hybrid shoulder style, but this is most certainly a preference according to each wearer.


Bibetts has linen ring slings both in-stock, and upon request. There are various colors of linen fabric and sling rings to choose from. Her standard length is 80″, but this sling measured much shorter at 65″ (approximately size XL).

The size of a ring sling corresponds to the length of the fabric. Most wearers can use several sizes of ring slings comfortably. The smaller the wearer and the smaller the baby, the shorter a sling can be used. The larger the wearer and the larger the baby, the longer a sling may be needed to comfortably wrap around both people. Since ring slings are quite adjustable, the size is also flexible. I wear an S shirt size, and can wear a ring sling in size XS to M. A large sling is too long on me, as it comes to my ankle. My husband wears a size XXL shirt size, and can wear a size M to XL ring sling.


The single-layer of linen made was airy and cool to wear in hot weather. A linen ring sling is one of my must-haves for summer, with almost any age baby. Ring slings are fantastic for nursing in, and useful for “quick ups” (a child wanting up and down frequently, or to be up for just a short time). Ring slings are also helpful for the age when a child fusses at your ankles and wants to be held, but won’t go in a different carrier since it restricts their movement. A ring sling simulates the child’s sensation of being in your arms, held on your hip, but gives the wearer free hands!

We would be thrilled if you would add YOUR OWN review of this carrier! Reader reviews located at the end of the post near the comments section.

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