Chimparoo Trek Lime| Soft Structured Carrier SSC | Wrap Conversion Full Buckle WCFB | Review

This carrier is:

  • Chimparoo brand.
  • “Trek” is the name Chimparoo has given to this size/structure carrier.
  • Soft structured carrier (SSC), sometimes called a buckle carrier.
  • Wrap conversion full buckle (WCFB), meaning sewn from a woven wrap.
  • Manufacturer ready-made conversion (the manufacturer makes the wrap fabric and the carrier both).
  • 100% organic cotton.

Words I would use to describe this carrier:

  • structured
  • versatile
  • soft
  • comfortable
  • vibrant
  • simple

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Chimparoo is a brand which has been around some time now, making wraps, ring slings, and mei tai carriers. They have introduced the Trek, a wrap conversion SSC (soft structured carrier). Their ring slings, mei tais, and this SSC carrier are sewn from Chimparoo woven wraps. Their wraps are mostly simple stripe patterns, in various vibrant colors, and the converted carriers are the same. The Trek is unique in the ready-made wrap conversion buckle carrier market, as it has a built-in infant insert. Wrap conversion carriers tend to be pricier than regular fabric carriers, yet the Chimparoo comes in at an affordable price point in comparison to other wrap conversion buckle brands. I tried it on with my one-year old, and a newborn-size weighted doll, and it was comfortable and easy to use with both of them, in either a front or back carry.


The canvas appears to be a cross twill weave, which has very light texture to it, mostly feeling smooth to the touch. It is soft even new, and even softer when broken in.


The Chimparoo Trek fit my one year old comfortably. It also has a built-in infant insert, which actually held my newborn size doll comfortable and securely. The manufacturer states it may be used from birth to early childhood (7-45 lbs).


The main body panel is two layers of fabric with light padding between. It has seat darts, and a large open pocket at the top of the body panel. There are also two sets of snaps on the outside of the body panel, for attaching the newborn insert. The inside of the body panel has a large flap of fabric which attaches on the sides with stitching, and on the top and bottom with velcro. The newborn insert rolls up inside this fabric area, at the bottom of it, for storage. The hood rolls up inside the top of the fabric area, for storage. Both the hood and insert and made from a single layer of stretchy tee-shirt type jersey fabric. The shoulder straps buckle onto the sides of the body panel.

13″ wide including seat darts

16″ tall to top of body panel arch

14″ tall to top of where it attaches to shoulder (for a child riding arms-out)


The newborn insert is made from a single layer of very soft, stretchy, tee-shirt type jersey fabric. It is a solid color that coordinates with the rest of the carrier’s fabric (in the case of this Lime colored Trek, the insert is a deep teal. Laid flat, the insert measures 11″ long and 10″ wide. Folded in half as it would be used, it measures 6″ tall and 9″ wide, these measurements are of course unstretched. Since the fabric is stretchy, the baby would sink down into it, changing the exact measurements and way that it fits. The insert is held in place at the base by permanent stitching to the body panel. It is held in place at the sides using a pair of snaps. One side of the snaps is attached to nylon webbing at the top of the insert, and the other side of the snaps are on the outside of the body panel.


The hood is permanently attached to the interior of the body panel. It can roll up inside the fabric flap inside the body panel for storage. It is a cinching style, with thick elastic inside the sides. It can attach with nylon webbing and snaps to the outside of the body panel, or to snaps on the shoulder straps.

9″ wide at base, tapers to 10″ wide at top

9″ tall, unstretched


The waistband is thickly padded with contoured padding. The waistband is incredibly firm, and is all one piece. It is much firmer than even other firm waistbands I’ve tried on an SSC. It has two plastic loops, presumably for toys or other clip on items such as a pouch. Nylon webbing extends on both sides of the padded fabric section, and there are elastic bands to hold the webbing in place when rolled up.

5″ tall at center, tapers to 3″ tall at sides

25″ padded fabric section

18″ nylon webbing on each side

2″ nylon webbing width

27″ minimum waist length

62″ maximum waist length


The shoulder straps have thin, squishy, flexible padding. The straps are straight, without contouring, and may be worn backpack style (clipped between shoulder blades) OR crossed over the back in an “x” shape. Since very few SSC carriers are designed to be worn comfortably with straps crossed in back, this is a standout feature. It has PFA’s (perfect fit adjuster buckles), and a chest clip with room to slide a bit. One feature I liked a lot was the way the straps don’t have nylon webbing all along the length of them. Sometimes nylon webbing can dig into the shoulders, or scratch the skin, so generally speaking I prefer shoulder straps with a minimal amount of webbing.

20″ padded section length

3″ padded section strap width

22″ nylon webbing (has elastic at ends for rolling up)

1″ width of nylon webbing

3″ PFAs

18″ smallest shoulder strap length (can be tightened shorter than padded section due to PFAs)

42″ longest shoulder strap length


We would be thrilled if you would add YOUR OWN review of this carrier! Reader reviews located at the end of the post near the comments section.