Didymos Didytai Meh Dai Lilien Rosenquarz Lilies Rose Quartz Pink Review

This carrier is:

  • Didymos brand.
  • Meh Dai (an Asian-style carrier).
  • Wrap conversion, meaning sewn from a woven wrap.
  • Manufacturer made (the same manufacturer who weaves and sells the woven wraps, sews and sells these carriers).
  • 100% cotton.
  • Lilies / Lilien is the name of the weave / pattern.
  • Rosenquarz / Rose Quartz is the name of the color.

Words I would use to describe this carrier:

  • soft
  • versatile
  • squishy
  • comfortable
  • moldable
  • adjustable

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Didymos is a German brand that makes woven wraps. Some of their wraps, they also sew / convert into meh dais. All Didytai made at the manufacturer, Didymos, have basically the same structure and measurements. The wraps used to make Didytai are usually 100% cotton, although a few limited editions exist in other fiber blends. The wrapping qualities of the finished meh dai will take on those of the wraps they are sewn from. So while all Didytai will be approximately the same size, they will feel different when worn, depending which wrap they are made from.

A ll Didytai have soft and luxurious fabrics.Some Didytai fabrics are “standard line”, in production for many years. Others are limited edition. LE will be discontinued after a limited run, and eventually only available secondhand. Each different wrap used to make a Didytai has different characteristics such as breathability, support, texture, thickness, – just like the woven wraps they are made from.  Even different colors of the same weave can be different in thickness.


Lilies is a pattern Didymos has used for several woven wraps, coming in many colors and fibers. It was released in 2009, making this Didytai the oldest I’ve owned. The body panel was slightly smaller than current Didytai are sewn.

This pattern is a gentle swirling pattern, with almost a Baroque feeling. The lilies aren’t distinctly floral, but flow gently across the fabric, as the pattern size is large. The “right” side of the fabric is a pale pink, with the “wrong side” being a slightly darker shade of light pink. There is very little contrast between the right and wrong sides. The right side is smoother, with a little bit of texture on the wrong side.

The thickness of the fabric was about average for Didytai, not too thin or thick. It was soft and moldable, with very little grip. The fabric passes slid easily across each other, yet held in place once wrapped and knotted firmly. It was a sturdy weave without much bounce, yet not too hard and unforgiving (like Didymos stripes can be).

The cinch cord was white, and the toggles for the hood and body panel were black. Nowadays, Didymos does a little better job of matching the color of the cord and toggles to the wrap fabric. These toggles are a square shape, different from what is used these days, and harder to use than current Didytai toggles.

This pattern is particularly hard to find in Didytai form. This particular one is the only one I’ve seen for sale within the last four years.


  • Didytai comes in one size.
  • Body panel has a cinchable base, allowing adjustment of the body width for for smaller / larger children.
  • Generally speaking, can fit newborn through two years old. If the waist is tied traditionally, most users will find it fitting too small around 18-24 months. I have occasionally seen some children three years old worn in a Didytai, as there are ways to wear it differently with larger children.
  • Can be used for front, back, or hip carries.


I had a chance to wear this Didytai with my chunky three month old niece, while my sister and her husband had a little date. My squishy niece napped in the Didytai for about an hour and a half, while I took care of my boys. We even took a thirty minute walk in the summer heat, with my two year old, while wearing her in the Didytai. The fabric wasn’t hotter to wear than any other Didytai fabric. Of course both of us were sweating, but it was nearly 100 degrees outside. We were cool enough to manage in the shade, and I was comfortable for the entire one and a half hours of wearing her, without adjustment.

The Didytai hood is short and functions like a head rest. This is ideal as neck support for a small baby or after baby falls asleep. It isn’t large enough to shield a baby’s head from the sun, or to shield them from looking around.


Unstructured and floppy, no defined height or waistband. The base has a U-shape that allows it to be worn differently than other mei tais, if needed. Two layers of fabric. Cinch mechanism at base of body panel (uses cotton cord). The hood is one piece with the body, without any seam separating the hood and body panel. This makes it a little harder to measure, but I detailed measurements below.

15″ wide, cinches to 6″ wide (current Didytai made to 16″)

17″ tall from bottom of U-shaped base to top of shoulder seam. Used traditionally, fits between 14″-16″ tall; may be worn differently to use closer to 18″ of height. Total body panel height including hood is 24″.


Unstructured, no defined waist area. Waist ties are double layer of fabric.

4″ tall / wide

38″ from where body panel ends, to end of one side

Total of 91″ of waist belt from end to end


Single layer of fabric, unpadded wrap strap style shoulders. Gathered attachment of shoulder strap to body panel. Tapered ends. It was interesting to note that one shoulder strap was cut from a section of the wrap which had no pattern. Only one strap had the lilies pattern – the other was simply solid pink – the exact same fabric, just cut from a section of the wrap on which there was clearly no pattern. A Google search of the Didymos Lilies pattern shows that there is only one long line of lilies across the length of the wrap, making it possible to cut a shoulder strap from a “plain” section of woven wrap.

12″ wide

83″ long from shoulder to short taper

85″ long from shoulder to long taper


Double layer, cinching, extra small, folds in half to make a head rest or unfolds to make a very small hood. Functions like a head rest more than a head cover. Has cotton cord cinches on either side, to adjust the position and support of the head rest.

6.5″ tall

11.5″ wide


This is the only Didytai I’ve owned that had a pocket on the front of the body panel. I’ve seen a photo online of only one other Didytai with a pocket (it was Chocolate Ellipsen). I’ve also never seen another Lilien Rosenquarz photo or for sale, than this one I had. It always feels a little exciting to own a particularly special carrier! To think of all the babies it has carried since 2009.

5″ tall

4.5″ wide

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