Didymos Double Face Anthracite Woven Wrap Review


This carrier is:

  • Didymos brand.
  • “Double Face” is the name of the weave.
  • Anthracite is the name of the color.
  • 100% organic cotton
  • Size 5.
  • Approximately 190 g/m² according to the manufacturer

Words I would use to describe this carrier:

  • smooth
  • thin
  • moldeable
  • sturdy
  • soft
  • simple

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The brand is Didymos, one of the brands that has been around the longest, and stood the test of time and quality. This was my very first Didymos carrier I owned, and was the beginning of my appreciation for the quality and business practices of the Didymos brand.

Double Face is the way Didymos has named this particular weave. It is two colors woven together in a manner where one color shows as solid on one side of the wrap, and another color shows as solid on the other side of the wrap, or the “right” and “wrong” sides of the fabric have contrasting colors. Didymos has woven double face wraps in a variety of colors and fiber blends.

In this case, the two colors are a darker and lighter shade of charcoal grey. It has no visible pattern, and is so simple as to almost be boring. I have also owned a Didytai mei tai made from this same wrap.

The fabric is extremely soft, medium/thin thickness, and very smooth to the touch. The passes slide across each other easily, with hardly any grip. These characteristics would make it an easy wrap for a beginner. I was a beginner at the time I owned this wrap. It was easy to tighten and get the passes properly in place.

The fabric is so soft and flexible, almost reminding me of a favorite old tee shirt.

This carry I have used as I wrapped it, is called double hammock, with a “salt water” variation to finish in the front. I find it more flattering to my relatively straight frame and chest.  The regular double hammock carry is a bit flattening to the chest.

I wore my toddler in this wrap, while at the zoo, for two hours straight, in the middle of the summer. We were sweating, and it was nearly 100 degrees outside. By the end of the two hours, my shoulders were cramping and unhappy with me. For the first hour, we were quite comfortable.

A bonus of having a dark-colored sturdy wrap along with us, is multi purpose creative moments. When my son wouldn’t sit still to eat his lunch, I sat on the park bench, sat him on my lap, and tied us loosely together at the waist using the wrap!  Then he ate his lunch in peace, and I didn’t worry about food being dropped on the wrap, or dragging the wrap along the ground.

This double face cotton wrap does not have a lot of grip. Grip may or may not be desirable to a given wearer, but it’s worth noting the smooth texture and smooth passes of this wrap.

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