Didymos | Iris | Woven Wrap | Review


This carrier is:

  • Didymos brand.
  • Stripes pattern / cross twill weave.
  • Iris is the name of the color / fiber blend.
  • 100% cotton.
  • Size 4.

Words I would use to describe this carrier:

  • smooth
  • thin
  • grippy
  • moldeable
  • sturdy

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This was another of my first few woven wraps.  These colors are my very favorite colors to wear.  Turquoise blue, teal green, mint….

The brand is Didymos, one of the brands that has been around the longest, and stood the test of time and quality.

Iris is the name of this wrap – or the “colorway” as they say.

This is the only size 4 I’ve owned, and it was actually kind of a fun length for me. I wasn’t expecting to like it, since it’s too long to be a shorty, and too short to do a double hammock (which requires a size 5 for me).

It medium thin thickness.  It was pretty new, so it was soft-ish, but not squishy soft like many other things I’ve touched. It felt a little rougher than I was expecting. Since that time, I’ve owned a few other Didymos stripes. The stripes weave tends to be a little rougher, and not get quite as soft as easily as the jacquard weave wraps. It does eventually get soft, but takes a lot more use than other Didymos wraps. The stripes weave is also incredibly sturdy and durable. It can take a beating, and hold almost any size child, with a snug and evenly-tightened wrap job.

This is a very simple carry I’m doing here.  It starts as just a “ruck” which means he is on my back and the straps come over the front of my shoulders.  Then it goes back around behind his bum, over and under his legs.  If the wrap was shorter, I could tie it under his bum at that point, or tie it in front of my waist.  But I had more fabric than that, so I wrapped it around my waist then back behind me again.

The striped pattern makes strand-by-strand tightening easier, since it is evident which section of the wrap is being tightened, by which color it is. Didymos stripes make an excellent beginner wrap, as the fabric is not too thick or thin, and a good balance of grip with glide.

I’ve now also owned Iris in Didytai form, which I loved much more than using a woven wrap (personal preference). The Iris Didytai is made from the exact same woven wrap, but sewn into a mei tai shape – a structured carrier that is a little easier to use than a woven wrap.

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