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This carrier is:

  • Didymos brand.
  • Ring Sling.
  • Wrap conversion ring sling (WCMT), meaning it began its life as a woven wrap, and was sewn “converted” into a ring sling.
  • Sleeping Baby Productions is the company, or “conversion artist” who sewed it into a ring sling.
  • Made with silver colored Sling Rings.
  • Sewn in an “Eesti” shoulder, which is a hybrid between gathered and pleated.
  • 55% cotton, 25% hemp, 20% linen
  • Indio is the name of the pattern of the weave.
  • Jade is the name of the color of this particular Indio.
  • Tri-Blend is part of its name since the fabric is woven with a blend of three different fibers.
  • Size medium (approximately 78″ from the rings to the center of the taper).

Words I would use to describe this carrier:

  • soft
  • grippy
  • strong
  • airy
  • supportive
  • gorgeous
  • classy

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Didymos has been making baby carriers since 1972 – long before I was born!  The Indio pattern is a classic Didymos pattern they have been weaving for decades now. Indios come in every color of the rainbow, in almost every fiber or fiber blend.

There’s pretty much something for everyone in the Indio pattern!  All are on the thinner side as woven wraps go, but some are thicker or thinner among Indios. All are classy and breathable (not too hot to wear).

The minty green color of Grass / Gras Hemp Indio has been sought after by Didymos fans.  In the spring and summer of 2014, when Jade Tri-Blend was released, mint green was also popular in fashion attire as well.  The original Grass Hemp Indio (GHI), is hemp/cotton blend, and on the thin side of hemp Indios.

To make things more confusing, Didymos has an older Jade Indio, which is a linen cotton blend, and a newer Jade Tussah (silk) Indio.

Jade Tri-Blend Indio was released this summer 2014. It is called “tri-blend” because instead of having one type of fiber thread (such as cotton), or two (it is common for Indios to have two types of fibers, such as a blend of hemp/cotton, or wool/cotton), it has three – hemp, linen, and cotton.

The different fibers are woven together, so the entire wrap ends up with the combined wrapping qualities of all three fibers.

I have found hemp fibers to have some “bounce” and “cush” to them, which is very comfortable to wear. They also get very, very soft when broken in, especially Didymos hemp. Hemp can also be hot to wear in warm climates.

Some people find linen fibers to get “diggy” on the shoulders due to their thinness, but of course linen is also breathable, and extremely strong.  A wrap that is 100% linen is usually thin, but very strong and supportive.  Linen is one of my favorite fibers due to its strength and lack of bounce.

Cotton is light and breathable, but not the most supportive fiber compared to others.

Jade Tri-blend Indio combines all those features into one wrap. It is thick as far as Indios go.  It is nearly as thick in-hand as the thickest Hemp Indios, such as include Flamenco Hemp Indio (FHI), Turquoise Hemp Indio (THI), Fire Hemp Indio (FiHI), and Natural (undyed) Hemp Indio (NHI).  The only one of those I’ve been able to try is FHI, and the thickness felt similar to Jade.  FHI probably has a bit more “bounce” than Jade, however, since the hemp content is higher and it is without linen.

I found Jade to be sturdy and supportive (good at weight-bearing).  It wasn’t particularly soft initially, and needed more breaking in than some other Indios.  I felt a friend’s Jade, which is much more broken in than mine, and it was very soft and floppy.

The hemp content made it warmer to wear than an Indio without any hemp, but it wasn’t as hot as the thicker hemp/cotton blend Indios. With a ring sling, which is a single layer, I didn’t have any issues wearing this in the summer.

As a ring sling, Jade Tri-Blend was supportive and comfortable, especially with the Eesti shoulder. With a single-layer ring sling, I find the Eesti shoulder to be more comfortable and supportive with a heavy child than a gathered shoulder (I don’t like pleated shoulders at all).

web_20140903-DSC_6560 (2)


In the comparison photo, GHI is on top (hemp cotton blend), Jade Tri-Blend in the middle, and Spring Indio (100% cotton) on the bottom.  GHI and Spring belong to a friend, and we took a photo of the three of them together, since they are all pale green Indios, as a color comparison.

I purchased a longer Jade Tri-Blend wrap, and had it converted (sewn by a conversion artist), into two ring slings.  The one I’m wearing in the photo is almost a size large, which is a bit long for me. I prefer a small or medium, which gives me enough of a “tail” to double as a nursing cover, without hanging as far down my body.

I am 30 weeks pregnant in these photos, although I was surprised that this dress masks my belly substantially and makes it look much smaller than it does in other clothing!

Ring slings are my favorite carrier to wear to church, because it is easy to nurse in them discreetly.  They are also wonderful for the age when the child wants to be in your arms, then down, then up in your arms, then down.  You can leave the ring sling on your body, say, while cooking dinner, and pop them in and out as needed, without too much fuss.


We would be thrilled if you would add YOUR OWN review of this carrier! Reader reviews located at the end of the post near the comments section.


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