Didymos Jim Lacerta | Woven Wrap | Review


This carrier is:

  • Didymos brand.
  • “Jim” is the name of the weave, which Didymos has named several wraps with the same simple weave pattern.
  • Lacerta is the name of the color / fiber blend.
  • 60% organic cotton, 40% linen
  • Size 6.
  • Approximately 190 g/m² according to the manufacturer

Words I would use to describe this carrier:

  • smooth
  • thin
  • grippy
  • moldeable
  • sturdy
  • soft
  • airy
  • light
  • breathable

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The brand is Didymos, one of the brands that has been around the longest, and stood the test of time and quality.

The “Jim” weave is simple, without pattern. Many wraps have been made by Didymos with the name “Jim” in this simple weave, in various colors and fiber blends.

This Jim, a linen blend with a color named “Lacerta”, is made of two colors of thread. It comes across as only one color (a teal green), since the secondary color (pale blue) is a bit hidden inside the weave. Along one rail (long edge), is a thin line of the pale blue color, and the words Didymos. This line is  woven in by the manufacturer, to help identify the sides for easier wrapping.

This wrap is quite thin, and makes a strong yet lightweight summer wrap. It wasn’t too hot to wear, even in our hot and humid Texas summer. Babywearing is always hot in summer, but this wrap didn’t add much warmth to us, thankfully.

Thinner wraps, and wraps with linen fibers, can be diggy on the shoulders in a sloppy wrapping job. With a little patience in the wrapping passes, it makes a supportive and comfortable carry, even for a heavier child. This would make a fantastic wrap for a small baby in summer, or really any baby in summer, for a parent who takes the time to wrap strand-by-strand.

It came to me secondhand, and was broken in, floppy, and soft. I had intended to convert it to a ring sling, but it ended up being too thin for my taste a ring sling. It makes a better wrap for a multi-pass carry, when it comes to heavier children, in my experience. It has enough grip for the passes to stay in place, but is smooth enough for the fabric to slide over itself easily while wrapping.

The color is a medium shade of teal – and shown with standard blue and green Duplo Legos. It is a lovely color – not pastel but also not too deeply saturated. It is a pretty color for summer, which is also where it shines in wrapping qualities!

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