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This carrier is:

  • Didymos brand.
  • Indio pattern / weave.
  • Petrol is the name of the color.
  • 40% hemp 60% cotton.
  • Wrap conversion ring sling (WCRS) – a ring sling sewn “converted” from a woven wrap.
  • Ring Sling has an Eesti style shoulder, and was converted (sewn) by Sleeping Baby Productions (SBP).
  • Ring Sling has silver color rings.

Words I would use to describe this carrier:

  • soft
  • classy
  • shimmery
  • supportive
  • comfortable
  • elegant
  • muted

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This is a woven wrap made by the Didymos brand.  It began its life as a long piece of wrap fabric.  It was cut and sewn by a seamstress (Sleeping Baby Productions) into a ring sling. A ring sling is a fast carrier to pop baby in and out of. In a ring sling, baby’s weight is concentrated on one shoulder, so ring slings may be preferable for shorter wearing times (under an hour), depending on user preference and baby’s weight.


The name of the particular wrap is Petrol Hemp Indio.  Petrol is the name of the color.  Hemp lets you know there are hemp threads woven into the fabric. Hemp as a fiber, gives support, strength, and incredible softness once broken in.  This fabric is a hemp/cotton blend, so some of the threads are hemp and some are cotton.

Indio is the name of the pattern. Didymos has been weaving wraps in the Indio pattern for decades, in a multitude of colors and fibers. The Indio pattern is one of my all-time favorites.  It is classy, beautiful, and dresses up or down easily.

Didymos hemp indios are relatively soft when new, and lusciously soft when fully broken in. Hemp Indios are some of the softest woven wraps I’ve felt in all I’ve tried. Petrol Hemp Indio (PHI) is a medium thin thickness as woven wraps go. With the Eesti hybrid shoulder style, I still found it comfortable with my twenty plus pound toddler.

The Petrol color is a color Didymos has used for many different wrap patterns. It is a bit of an enigma to describe. It is easier to describe by saying what it isn’t!. It isn’t: royal blue, turquoise blue, teal, aqua, navy, baby blue. It is a gentle, muted hue, not vibrant yet not pastel. It reminds me of medium wash blue jeans. The blue threads are contrasted against silvery white threads.

As a woven wrap, PHI is approximately 220 g/m2. It was released in 2012.


The shoulder style on this ring sling is called Eesti, and can be worn on either shoulder.  There are many other shoulder styles, such as gathered (just like it sounds, the fabric just gathered up and bunched up) and pleated (folded in pleats, which creates a narrower “base” coming out of the rings).  The Eesti is a hybrid between gathered and pleated, and for now, is my favorite shoulder style.  I find it the easiest shoulder to get a good fit over my shoulder without too much trouble. The fabric is laid on top of itself several times, creating a cushier presence on the shoulder.

The rings should be in the “corsage” position on the wearer’s chest.  Too high, and they will press into your body; too low and the will press into baby, or cause discomfort in the shoulder area.  Baby’s weight should be evenly distributed across the shoulder, not pressing too much into the neck, and not with the fabric falling down the arm.


This ring sling is a size medium (approximately 75″ to the short taper). It’s a little long for me, as I have to pick it up when bending over. It does make a nice length for using the tail as a cover when nursing. Both myself and my husband can wear a size medium ring sling (I wear an XS shirt size and my husband wears an XXL shirt size). The size of a ring sling is the length of the fabric from rings to tail. A larger wearer and a larger child will “use up” more fabric length. A smaller wearer and and a smaller child will have a longer tail of fabric, since less will be required to wrap around their bodies. The sizing of a ring sling is quite versatile, and can be quickly adjusted between wearers or children. I have used a hemp indio ring sling with both a newborn and a three year old (for short periods of time with that heavy three year old!).


I’ve owned several different Didymos Hemp Indio ring slings (such as Petrol, April, Anthracite, North Shore), and found them all soft and supportive, with an Eesti shoulder. The hemp can be a touch warm to wear in a Texas summer, but not overbearing since it is only one layer of fabric around the body. Hemp fibers have a little “bounce” that creates a feeling of cush on the shoulder.

We would be thrilled if you would add YOUR OWN review of this carrier! Reader reviews located at the end of the post near the comments section.

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