Didymos | Sunset Linen 55 Diamond Weave Dyed Grey Black | Woven Wrap | Review


This carrier is:

  • Didymos brand.
  • Woven wrap.
  • 55% linen 45% cotton.
  • Dyed from its original color (original color is ecru and burnt orange).
  • Size 3.
  • Didymos has not named this wrap 55, but it is commonly referred to as such in the resale market.
  • Diamond weave pattern.

Words I would use to describe this carrier:

  • textured
  • rough
  • grippy
  • sturdy
  • solid
  • medium thick
  • strong
  • supportive
  • breathable
  • light

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Trying a Didymos wrap is sort of like saying you have tried on a pair of shoes. Didymos has been in business since 1972, and have made thousands of wraps, ring slings, and mei tais in every kind of fabric, thickness, color, texture, weave, and characteristic imaginable.

The wraps called the Didy 55’s were a limited edition that Didy produced only for a short time.  It was woven in three colors, or “colorways” – Sunset, natural/ecru and muted orange,  Moss, natural/ecru and olive gray/green, and Azur / Azure, natural/ecru and blue.

Because the colors were soft and muted, many, many 55’s have been dyed.  At times in the market, the “natty” (undyed) 55’s sell for more than the dyed ones, because the natural ones have been harder to find.

This is one of the thicker woven wraps Didymos has produced. 55’s are extremely textured – the “ridges” of the weave are prominent to the touch.

I’ve heard when they were brand new, they were as rough and scratchy as a burlap bag.  They do “break in” and become soft, but will always retain that defined texture.

The fabric is 55% linen and 45% cotton, which is why they are called the 55’s.  However, apparently Didymos only had tags for 50/50 linen/cotton in stock at the time. They released the wrap saying it was 55″ linen, and labeled it with 50/50 linen cotton.

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Thick wraps make even a sloppy wrapping job, or a basic ruck, still comfortable.  This wrap is supportive, comfortable, and not “diggy” on the shoulders.  It is grippy and rock solid. It does not “bounce” or have hardly any diagonal stretch. For users who prefer the bounce of wool or hemp, the linen 55’s will be a rude awakening (or perhaps, a welcome awakening!).

For most thick wraps, the trade-off with the cushy thickness, is the temperature. Most thick wraps are uncomfortable hot to wear in summer. The 55’s are the only wrap I’ve tried that is both thick, while being lightweight and extremely breathable. It is the perfect wrap for a hot climate, a toddler, and strong support.

I didn’t feel a huge difference in thickness between the different colorways. The greatest difference in feel of this wrap had to do with how broken in they were.

One Didymos wrap I can compare this to, is Didymos Natural Hemp India (NHIndia). Didy 55 and Didy NHIndia were the only two wraps I tried in my first year of babywearing, that I could comfortably “ruck” my toddler in. They are both thick and strong. They aren’t as thick as some newer brands these days, but they are thick for Didymos standrads.

They are different than each other in temperature – NHIndia being beastly and hot to wear, and Linen 55 being airy and cool to wear. And different in “bounce” – NHIndia being bouncy and forgiving on the shoulders, with passes sliding a bit easier, and Linen 55 being rock solid and grippy.

Overall, I would say that the Didy 55’s are one of the best summer wraps in existence, especially for a heavy baby or toddler, or anyone that needs extra support on their shoulders.  The fabric is so light and breathable which makes it fantastic for hot and humid climates.  It’s one of the few wraps I’ve tried that I think any wrapper should try at least once!

Some people are likely to be put off by the texture of it, since it’s definitely textured and not smooth. It didn’t bother my sensitive skin, as long as I didn’t slide the passes quickly through the ruck straps when removing it (that could give me rug burn if I did it quickly with this wrap!).  For any linen lover, the Didy Linen 55’s are a must-try!

We would be thrilled if you would add YOUR OWN review of this carrier! Reader reviews located at the end of the post near the comments section.

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