Dream Carrier | Oscha Japanese Knot Ooki Aiko | Wrap Conversion Full Buckle WCFB | Review

This carrier is:

  • Dream Carrier conversion artist.
  • Oscha (brand) Japanese Knot Ooki (pattern) Aiko (color) abbreviated JKOA
  • Soft structured carrier (SSC), sometimes called a buckle carrier.
  • Wrap conversion full buckle (WCFB), meaning sewn from a woven wrap.
  • Custom carrier, and One Of A Kind (OOAK
  • 50% cotton 50% linen (in woven wrap form)

Words I would use to describe this carrier:

  • structured
  • soft
  • comfortable
  • neutral
  • elegant

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Dream Carrier was a conversion artist company (seamstress who made carriers sewn from woven wraps). Their conversion company is now closed, and their wrap conversion carriers are now only available secondhand. The quality of their structure and workmanship is high, as their carriers are durable years later. Many wrap conversion carriers are one of a kind OOAK. This means an individual purchased a woven wrap, sent it to the conversion artist, and had it sewn to the owner’s specifications. While many Dream Carrier conversions have  similarities between them, some features, as well as the sizing and measurements, will be unique with each OOAK conversion.


Oscha is a woven wrap brand, and the Oscha wrap used to make this carrier is JKOA – Japanese Knot Ooki Aiko. The Oscha Japanese Knot pattern comes in large circle/knot shapes, called Ooki, and small circle/knot shapes called Chisai. Aiko is the name of this colorway, a creamy natural cotton color, blended with a light tan beige. While I am not always a fan of “natty” colored wraps, this one is truly beautiful to see. The ecru color has a slight sheen to it. The fabric is soft and smooth – only the darker tan sections have a light texture. It is a linen / cotton blend, so the fabric has the softness of cotton with the added support of linen. Wrap conversion carriers take on many of the characteristics, as well as of course the aesthetics, of the wraps they are made from.


This particular Dream Carrier conversion is standard size for the child, and petite size for the wearer. Many Dream Carrier conversions have larger waist and shoulder measurements, but this one has more petite measurements.


The body panel is three layers of fabric. The internal layer feels quite floppy, so I would venture to guess it also wrap fabric, rather than canvas. It has deep seat darts, squishy legs-out padding, and an arched shape at the top of the body panel. It does not have a hood. I personally find hoods can get in the way, for older children who don’t need them, and prefer carriers without them. The body panel has a contoured shape. Best of all, the chest clip is made from the same wrap fabric as the carrier. To my current knowledge, Dream Carrier is the only brand of wrap conversion to make the chest clip of wrap fabric rather than nylon webbing. I find nylon webbing incredibly scratchy across the skin of my chest, and absolutely love the soft wrap chest clip Dream Carriers have.

16″ wide including seat darts

16″ tall to top of body panel arch


The waistband has a straight center section with thick, soft, flexible padding. On either side of the padded section is contoured, quilted fabric. It has a buckle waist.

4″ tall at center, tapers to 3″ tall at sides

13″ padded section

26″ total fabric section

2″ nylon webbing width

14″ webbing on either side of fabric waist section

28″ minimum waist length

55″ maximum waist length


The shoulder straps have thin, squishy, flexible padding. The straps are contoured “Neo” straps. Other Dream Carrier conversions I’ve owned have quilted straps, but these are not. There is nylon webbing all the way down the length of the shoulder strap, for the chest buckle to move along. The end of the webbing is attached with a cinch mechanism to the side of the body panel. There is no buckle at the end of the strap, so the straps cannot be opened up flat. The shoulder straps are a little wider at the top of the shoulder, compared to many other brands, which adds comfort by distributing weight.

20″ padded section length

3.5″ padded section strap width

13″ nylon webbing

1″ width of nylon webbing

18″ smallest shoulder strap length (can be tightened shorter than fabric section)

33″ longest shoulder strap length

We would be thrilled if you would add YOUR OWN review of this carrier! Reader reviews located at the end of the post near the comments section.

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