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This carrier is:

  • Girasol brand (nicknamed “Gira”).
  • Mei Tai (an Asian style carrier).
  • Wrap conversion mei tai (WCMT), meaning sewn from a woven wrap.
  • Manufacturer made (the same manufacturer who weaves and sells the woven wraps, sews and sells these carriers).
  • 100% cotton.
  • Arco Iris is the name of the color.

Words I would use to describe this carrier:

  • soft
  • vibrant
  • adjustable

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Girasol’s woven wraps are handwoven in Mexico, in an array of vibrant colors. Many of their wraps are various rainbow patterns. The 100% cotton is soft even when new, having a texture that reminds me of cotton flannel. They can be hot to wear in summer. The fabric is smooth and can be slippery (not staying put / gripping) in reinforcing passes. Their wraps and carriers tend to catch the eye with the brilliant colors and bright stripe patterns.

This particular fabric, named Arco Iris, is a stripe pattern of red, orange, dark yellow, olive green, and purple.


This carrier is adjustable in height by moving the waistband through different channels on the body panel, using velcro to keep it in place. It’s a design I’ve only seen on the Girasol MySol, thus far.

  • Likely to fit infant to about 18 months old.
  • I have not tried it with a newborn, but it would not be my first choice, since the body panel may still be too large even when adjusted to its smallest setting.
  • In these photos, my baby is 12 months old, 21 lb, and 30 inches tall. I am using the lower channel, to make the body panel as tall as possible. It still comes up only beneath his armpits. I would not want it to be lower, for safety or for his/my comfort.



The Mysol comes with a matching carrying bag, a chest strap, and another small bag. The carrying bag cinches with ties, and could be worn backpack style. The chest strap is wide and closes with velcro. In the photos, I show using the MySol in a back carry with the chest strap, and without – using a knotless finish instead. It was substantially more comfortable when using the chest strap. The small bag that closes with velcro, I am unsure of its purpose, other than to be an accessory bag for a wallet, phone, etc.



Body Panel Structure – Two layers of fabric. Top of body panel cinches horizontally to form a head support. Base of body panel has two channels. The waistband can be completely removed from inside the channels, and moved to the lower or higher channel. This adjusts the fit of the body panel for a larger or smaller child. There is velcro inside the channel, and removable velcro square tabs to cover up the raw velcro of the channel not in-use, to help prevent snagging of the fabric.

Body Panel Width – 15″ wide

Body Panel Height – 22″ tall from top of fabric to bottom of fabric, 16″ wide to top of lower channel, 13″ to top of higher channel.




Waist Band Structure – One long narrow strap with a padded center section and unpadded ends. Has velcro to attach inside body panel channels. Tapered ends. The padded section is 31″, so for a smaller waist than 31″, the knot would be partly tied on the padded area. I had to tie using a couple inches of padded area, and it was not hard to tie, or uncomfortable to wear.

Waist Band Height – 2.5″ tall / wide

Waist Band Length – 31″ padded section, 28″ unpadded on each side of padded section, 87″ total waist band end to end


Shoulder Strap Structure – Partly padded, partly unpadded, narrow straps. As padded straps go, these are a bit narrow and bit thick. Since the mei tai is fully reversible (stripe on one side, solid red on the other side), the straps have three loops for attaching the hood ties or toys.  The loops are on both sides of the strap, some on top, some underneath the strap. I found them to press into my shoulders, which was not comfortable. Ends of the straps are tapered.

Shoulder Strap Width – 2.5″

Shoulder Strap Length – 78″ long total, 21.5″ of that is padded




Hood Style – Double layer, cinching, with reach ties. Base of hood / top of body panel has a single cinch, to provide head support for baby.

Hood Height – 9.5″

Hood Width – 9.5″

Reach Ties (nylon webbing) – 13″


We would be thrilled if you would add YOUR OWN review of this carrier! Reader reviews located at the end of the post near the comments section.

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