Hoppediz Hop Tye | Chicago | Wrap Conversion Mei Tai WCMT | Review

This carrier is:

  • Hoppediz (nicknamed “Hopp”) brand.
  • Mei Tai (an Asian-style carrier).
  • Wrap conversion mei tai (WCMT), meaning sewn from a woven wrap.
  • Manufacturer made (the same manufacturer who weaves and sells the woven wraps, sews and sells these carriers).
  • 100% cotton.

Words I would use to describe this carrier:

  • soft
  • warm
  • durable
  • cuddly

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Thicker fabric and padded body panel makes it a winner in cold weather.

Budget friendly (sells for less than $100 used).

Good for a newborn in a cold winter climate.

Body panel made from the woven wrap named Hoppediz Chicago; straps and waist made from woven solid fabric.


Newborn to one year.

The body panel is very small, around the same size as the Diva Milano mei tai. I would not imagine this working for any longer than 18 months old, and perhaps not even that long.


Some Hop Tyes are made completely from colorful wrap fabric.  Others are like the one shown – only the body panel is wrap fabric, and the straps are a plain black fabric.

The black (non-wrap) fabric is not very soft or cuddly. However, it is sturdy and bears weight well.

Hot to wear. Strap fabric is a bit dense and warm, and the body panel is lightly padded. The body padding makes it warm for baby in the carrier.  In cold weather, this could be a benefit. In hot weather, a small baby could possibly overheat. I could not use this in Texas summers.

Padded waistband contains too much padding for most users. The padding continues so far into the waistband that it is difficult to tie the waist. The spot where most people would be ready to tie their knot, would still contain padding too thick to tie off.  For me, I actually wrapped the waist twice around me, then was able to tie off on the unpadded strap area. Most people would probably wrap it once and half times around the waist in order to tie off on the unpadded area.


Body Panel Structure – Base cinch, two layers with internal soft padding (similar in feel to quilt batting), elastic on sides of body panel

Body Panel Width – 15″ wide, cinches to 12″ wide

Body Panel Height – 15″ tall including waist area (no structured waistband under the body panel, probably 14″ of usable height)


Waist Band Structure – Lightly padded under body panel, thickly padded in remainder of waist, perhaps too much padding for most people to tie off easily, ends of waist belt are double layer unpadded fabric

Waist Band Height – 3″ tall / wide

Waist Band Length – 30″ of padded area under body panel extending to sides of body panel, 21″ of unpadded strap length on each side of padded part of waistband (making a total of 72″ of waist belt from end to end)


Shoulder Strap Style – Single layer of fabric, unpadded wrap strap style shoulders

Shoulder Strap Width – 10″

Shoulder Strap Length – 86″ from shoulder to short taper, 89″ from shoulder to long taper


Hood Style – double layer, flat (not cinching)

Hood Height – 9″

Hood Width – 10″ at base where it attaches to body, tapers out to 13″ wide across the top/end


We would be thrilled if you would add YOUR OWN review of this carrier! Reader reviews located at the end of the post near the comments section.

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