Infantino Sash Mei Tai | Review

This carrier is:

  • Infantino brand.
  • Mei Tai (an Asian-style carrier).
  • “Sash” is the name of this style of Infantino mei tai.
  • 100% cotton exterior
  • 100% polyurethane foam padding
  • Hood is 80% cotton 20% polyester

Words I would use to describe this carrier:

  • simple
  • cute
  • soft
  • basic
  • affordable

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The Infantino brand has been around for many years. They sell a variety of carriers an affordable price point, and easily purchased at major retail stores. While they may not be the cream of the crop carriers, they are accessible to many people, and an entry into the babywearing world.


The fabric of this particular Infantino mei tai is standard cotton fabric, and soft to the touch. This one is quite new, so there is no fading to the color. It doesn’t attract lint super easily, as some black fabric does. As basic cotton fabric goes, it is nicely soft without breaking in.


The construction is a fixed size, without manufacturer adjustability. There are many ways to wear even a basic mei tai such as this, to adjust the fit of it for a baby. A basic mei tai is easier to learn to use than a wrap conversion mei tai. The straps and waist are narrow and lightly padded. The hood is removable, which is nice for users who don’t prefer hoods.


Considering that I have tried many, many kinds of mei tais, and this one is widely available and cheaply priced, I was pleasantly surprised by it. I have also tried the Infantino EcoSash. It has a much larger body panel than this one, and it also was not as comfortable as this one. In a large stash such as my own, it would make an excellent car carrier or beater carrier. It would be easy for two different size users, such as myself and my husband, to both use, without having to adjust buckles or sizing between us. the fit was comfortable with my 21lb one year old, and the body panel size wasn’t too small for him yet. For a new user, with a newborn baby, this would need some instruction or user modification. The body panel would need to be worn in a way as to reduce the width and height, in order to accommodate a tiny infant. It could be done, since the body panel is soft and floppy enough to adjust. These would not be recommendations made by the manufacturer, but could be done with assistance from an experienced wearer or educator.


The center panel of the body is two layers of fabric. It is heavier than cotton quilting fabric, but lighter weight than cotton canvas. The sides of the body panel that are “framed” in black, are lightly padded. There is also a large loop of fabric, to help hold the reinforcing passes in place. The top of the body panel, that is black, is padded with firm but flexible padding. This would help provide head support to a baby. There are two snaps on the outside of this upper black section, where the hood can attach. There is also one little toy or pacifier loop near the top of the body panel.

14″ wide

15″ tall (not including waistband)


The shoulder straps are nice and wide, measuring 3.75″. This wider width helps distribute weight better, and prevent as much digging into the shoulder than can occur with narrow strap mei tais. The padded section of the shoulder has light and flexible padding that felt comfortable on the shoulder without being bulky.

74″ to the short taper 76″ to the long taper, total length

22″ of that length is lightly padded

3.75″ strap width


The waistband has no padding. The instructions on the inside of the carrier have the user wear the body panel “apron style”, with the baby seated inside the carrier like a pocket. Under most circumstances, a mei tai would be worn with the waist tied and pressed against the wearer’s body, so the baby would sit on top of the waistband, rather than down inside the waistband. Users may find one way, or the other, to be more comfortable. The unpadded waist also allows for the waist to be folded upward once or twice, to reduce the body panel height to accommodate a smaller infant. The waist straps are quite long, and are slightly tapered.

30.5″ waist strap on either side of body panel

75″ total waist strap length, end to end

4″ width at base of waistband, gradually tapers to 2″ width at the end of each side strap


The tag states the hood is 80% cotton and 20% polyester. I have texture sensitivity, and could tell just by touch that it was not pure cotton. It is two layers of thin, lightweight fabric. It has snaps to attach to the body panel. The sides are elastic, but don’t have a mechanism to cinch or loosen. The reach ties are fabric with snaps, which can be attached to snaps on the shoulder straps of the mei tai.

12.5″ wide

15″ tall (measured down center, not where sides are cinched with elastic)

7.5″ reach ties

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