Kinderpack KinderCarry | Standard Plus | Blue Green Cars with Kool Knit | Soft Structured Carrier SSC | Review


This carrier is:

  • KinderCarry brand.
  • Kinderpack style of carrier (name given by the manufacturer).
  • Soft structured carrier (SSC), sometimes called a buckle carrier.
  • 100% cotton.
  • “Standard” size (the sizing label given by the manufacturer).
  • Cars is the name the manufacturer has given this colorway.
  • Center panel with Kool Knit.

Words I would use to describe this carrier:

  • structured
  • adjustable
  • comfortable
  • supportive
  • strong

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Kinderpack carriers are currently made in four sizes – Infant, Standard, Toddler, and Preschool. The strap lengths are also made in three lengths – Petite, Standard, and Plus. They are made with “full panel” where the cotton fabric is all across the body panel. They are also made with center panels of a breathable mesh type fabric, either Comfort Mesh, Kool Knit, or Solarveil.


Kinderpack is a comfortable and versatile SSC carrier for many people. It fits a variety of body types. For me, it is more comfortable in a back carry, due to the contoured straps and chest clip. Kinderpack is one of the carrier brands preferred by my husband, who is tall and wears XXL shirt size. Kinderpack is one of the few brands of SSC carriers that fit both my husband and myself comfortably – a wide range of body types!

Kinderpacks are made with “petite” or “standard” length or “plus” length straps. The plus straps have about three inches extra length in the padded fabric section of the strap. For a tall, broad man like my husband, this makes the difference between pain and comfort, when wearing.

The multiple ways of adjusting the strap length means that the Plus size straps still fit me too! I cinch them down all the way, in every direction; and my husband opens them up almost completely in all directions.



Kinderpacks are made in four sizes – infant, standard, toddler, and preschool. I have owned all sizes except infant, because I prefer to carry newborn / infants in other types of carriers than buckles.

We used the standard size for our second child beginning around 10 months old (he was wearing size 12 mth pants). He still fits comfortably in it at 18 months old, with room to grow.  My first son was taller, and fit into the toddler size Kinderpack around 18 months old (he was wearing size 2T pants at that age). The toddler size would still be too big on my second son, at the same age.


The body panel has deep seat darts, legs-out padding, two-layer body panel, snaps at top of body panel for hood to be stored inside the panel (genius!). Hoods often dangle down the body panel when not in use and get in the way. Kinderpack’s hood storage systems is one of the most convenient and functional I’ve found.

16-17″ wide across legs-out area, including seat darts (stretches from around 16″ flat to 17″ stretched, due to some give in the mesh fabric)

16″ wide across top of body panel

16″ tall from top of waistband to top of arched body panel

14″ tall from top of waistband to top of body panel at shoulder (arms-out section, if the child wants to ride arms out)


The waist band has thick, stiff padding with a cushy, supportive feeling. It is sewn in three separate sections. This means it wraps around the waist and hips more easily, and allows easier folding of the carrier for storage.

25″ wide padded fabric section (11″ wide center section, 7″ tapered sides on each side)

4.5″ tall at center, tapers to 2″ of webbing

15″ webbing on each side, 2″ buckle

27″ smallest possible waist size

57″ largest possible waist size


The thickly padded shoulder straps are contoured, and include Perfect Fit Adjusters (PFAs) – a term coined by KinderCarry, and now used by many other buckle manufacturers. There is a buckle attached to the side of the body panel, that fits into a buckle at the end of shoulder strap. This allows the straps to be crossed in the back with a front carry; however I found this not to be comfortable due to the thick, contoured shape of the shoulder straps.

25″ padded fabric (includes 4″ PFAs)

12″ webbing, 2″ buckle

11″ additional webbing attached to side of body panel

26″ smallest possible shoulder strap

49″ longest possible shoulder strap


Kinderpack makes several styles of hoods with several different fabrics. It is a toss up between individual carriers, what the hood is like. This particular Kinderpack has a hood made from the same blue Kool Knit as the center mesh panel. I have tried all three mesh types – comfort mesh, kool knit, and solarveil. I found the Kool Knit to be rather scratchy to the touch. I would have preferred the hood to be made of a softer fabric. This hood is a flat shape, while other KP hoods are a hoodie / pixie shape. It has nylon webbing reach ties, and buckles to attach it to the shoulder straps.

12″ wide

10″ tall

11″ nylon webbing “reach ties”

We would be thrilled if you would add YOUR OWN review of this carrier! Reader reviews located at the end of the post near the comments section.

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