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We recently featured jewelry handmade by Naomi Pritchard of Clasp Me Tightly. Naomi was kind enough to provide photos of herself and her workspace, and answer our interview questions. Here we have a glimpse of the artisan behind the beautiful pieces she creates.


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In this post, Naomi answers questions about her family, business origins, and thoughts on motherhood.


CC: Tell us about your family. Significant other? Children’s names and ages?

N: I am a work at home mum with three boys. Jordan is almost 6, Ronan is 3, and Remiel is 17 months old. My husband Sam is a fabulous support to us all. We have been happily married for 3.5 years.


CC: Where are you currently located (city / state / country)?

N: Ballarat, Victoria, Australia


CC: Tell us about your work space. Do you create items in your home? A separate studio?

N: I work at a bench in my living room, in the heart of the house, in between caring for the kids as time dictates.




CC: What is your best time of day to get work done?

N: Usually once the kids are asleep of an evening. I do try to get various things done through the day as I can manage amongst the chaos!


CC: Anything special about your business name?

N: I chose the name Clasp Me Tightly as I felt it was perfect for the love we show our children and which they show us.


CC: How long have you been in business as an artisan? Making mama metal? 

N: I’ve been making mama metal for a bit over a year now.   I am also calling my work “Legacy Metal”. In addition to “mama metal” style pieces, I also create unisex designs, some of which are mainly aimed at Dads. I’ve had a few custom men’s orders, and have begun to open that option up to more people.




CC: What drew you to enter this field of work?

N: I’ve always had a love of art, but had never found that perfect avenue to pursue my artistic tendencies. Once I saw some babywearing folks wearing these gorgeous, versatile necklaces, I thought it was something I would love to try my hand at. And guess what? I found my perfect artistic outlet!


CC: How would you describe your subject matter or the content of your work?

N: I love simple, classy designs the most. I do also enjoy the challenge of more intricate custom work. My absolute favorite piece that I’ve made was my Snugglepot and Cuddlepie inspired design for the Fall Mama metal competition 2015. It was so challenging to make but turned out fabulously. It is extra special to me because it symbolizes Australian flora.





CC: What mediums do you work with?

N: Fine silver, but I can also work with Argentium silver and sterling silver. I also love including beads in my designs, as they are perfect for little fingers to fiddle with!


CC: What inspires you in your creative work?

N: My biggest inspiration is the closeness of family. Seeing my work take on such meaning to my customers never ceases to amaze me. These small pieces of jewellery are infused with love, care, and time. They make people so happy. The pieces go on to be worn near the hearts of caregivers and their children, infused even further with the love of family. I truly believe the metal takes in all these feelings. When we go through hard times, we can draw back on that source of uplifting love. All of this inspires me to create meaningful pieces that can last a lifetime.


CC: What risks have you taken in your work, and what has been at stake?

N: Being a babywearer, I sold a lot of my carriers to fund my mama metal venture. This was a hard decision to make without knowing if I could master the techniques involved. I had never used a torch or fused fine silver before, and the processes have been self-taught. Sam was worried about the money needed to start out. That put stress on our relationship for a while. Thankfully everything worked out, and I don’t regret a thing!


CC: How would you describe your experience as a mother?

N: Motherhood is a wonderful, chaotic, spectacular beast, capable of so much love and pain. I couldn’t be more happy with my decision to have kids!



Thank you, Naomi, for sharing a bit of your art and life with us!