Lillebaby Complete Original | Orange Cream | Soft Structured Carrier | Review


This carrier is:

  • Lillebaby brand.
  • Complete Original style of carrier (name given by the manufacturer).
  • Soft structured carrier (SSC), sometimes called a buckle carrier.
  • 100% cotton.
  • Orange Cream is the name the manufacturer has given this colorway.

Words I would use to describe this carrier:

  • structured
  • bulky
  • supportive
  • versatile
  • soft

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Lillebaby makes several types of soft structured carriers. This is the Lillebaby Complete Original. The Original line features cotton canvas.  According to the manufacturer, it has six carrying positions, a detachable hood, two pockets, lumbar support, neck support, and 2-way straps (can be worn backpack style or crossed in the back). Machine Washable.


The LÍLLÉbaby Complete baby carriers combines more carrying positions, lasts longer, and includes more features than any other baby carrier.

Six Ergonomic Carrying Positions – Includes every carrying position without the need for an infant insert: Front-fetal, Front-infant, Front-outward, Front- toddler, Hip and Back carry. The Complete can be used from 7 lbs to 45 lbs. The patented cupped seat adjusts to keep baby ergonomically seated in all six carry positions.

Lumbar Support – Increases comfort, maintains healthy posture and alignment, and prevents lower back strain. Combined with an extra sturdy waist belt to maximize parent’s comfort.

Two-Way Strap – Enable wearer to carry “backpack style” or with straps crossed in the back. Dual adjustment buckles simplify breastfeeding and adjusting straps on the go.

Sleeping Hood – Features dual adjustment points to provide tailored support for baby’s head while sleeping, sun protection while exploring, and privacy while nursing. Removable.

Extendable Torso – Provides extra neck and back support and keeps taller babies secure in the carrier. The adjustable width gently cradles baby’s head. Elastic straps provide support while allowing for movement and easy adjustment.

Pockets – Large zippered storage pocket, plus easy-reach pocket for storing hood and essentials.


The manufacturer states the Lillebaby Complete Original may be used for children 7-45 lb. The body panel is uniquely adjustable in height and width, so there is no need for a separate infant insert. I was able to use it with a newborn-size doll (20″ tall) and my eighteen-month old toddler.

This might be one of the few SSCs which can truly fit infant to toddler. It may be too large for a small newborn (since it is only rated beginning at 7lb). It may be too small for a large toddler wearing size 2T or larger pants. However, most children by that age, are being worn infrequently, or not at all. For most people, this one carrier would cover their SSC needs in entirety, for the lifespan of their babywearing needs.


The bulk of the carrier is cotton canvas. It isn’t as soft as the canvas used for a Tula, but is softer than the canvas on many other brands. It is comparable to the Original Ergo carriers made for many years (newer Ergos are using a softer canvas than the older models). This canvas is smooth to the touch, and not rough. The lining of the body panel, and the hood, are made from lightweight, super soft cotton, which reminds me of the cotton used for the Ergo Baby Infant Insert.

This Lillebaby is the Orange Cream color. The orange section I would describe as “rust” or “burnt orange”. It is a muted, fall-hued orange. The cotton lining is a tan/beige, undyed natural cotton color.


The Lillebaby Complete has a long list of fancy features, more so than most other SSC carriers. It has a unique design that makes it stand out from other mass-marketed buckle carriers.

The body panel is adjustable in height and width. By changing the height and width, it can fit either small baby or larger toddler, in comfortable ergonomic positioning.

Having a baby facing inward (tummy to tummy with caregiver) is generally most ergonomic for both wearer and child, and also what is recommended by many babywearing educators. Should parents choose to face their child outward, narrowing the seat of the Lillebaby will accommodate that position.

There is no need for an infant insert. The body panel has straps which can be looped around the waistbelt, or unlooped. When unlooped, the straps snap together at the base of the body panel, creating a narrow seat. This narrow seat can be used to support a small baby facing inward, or an infant facing outward. When looped around the waistband, the straps then create a wide seat which can support a larger toddler. The body panel width can be further adjusted by using a nylon buckled strap, to cinch the upper section of the body panel. The body panel height can be adjusted by snapping the upper panel either down (for a smaller baby) or up (for a larger baby, or for head support for a sleeping infant).


The body panel is two layers of fabric with a light interior padding. It reminds me of the thickness of a lightweight quilt. This will make it warmer for baby than body panels without padding. It has deep seat darts. The exterior of the body panel has two pockets – one open top and one side zipper. The hood is removable and fits inside either pocket. There are sevearl brass-colored metal snaps on different parts of the body panel. Some have a geometric floral design embossed onto them.

Body Panel Width
7″ when adjusted to narrow position
15/16″ when adjusted to wide position

Body Panel Height
13″ adjusted to short position
19″ adjust to tall position

Removeable Nylon Strap (used to narrow the body panel)
27″ total length
3/4″ width


The outer, smaller pocket, has an open top. It is 5.5 by 5×5 inches.

The larger pocket has a side zipper. It is 7″ tall, 1″ deep, and tapers from 5″ to 7″ wide.


The waistband is thickly padded with stiff, structured padding. It has a bit of squish to it when squeezed, but is overall a firm waist. Some people will find this large amount of padding to be supportive. Others may find it bulky. There are fabric loops which fit over the waistband, or can slide off the waistband, to adjust the body panel seat width. The fabric loops can be snapped to the body panel in wide mode, or snapped to each other inside the body panel, in narrow mode. The nylon webbing only goes in one direction, with one side of the waist buckle being stitched on top of the padded section. This will prevent the buckle from digging into the wearer’s waist. There is an elastic safety loop for the waist buckle. The waistband is contoured.

25″ wide padded fabric section

5″ tall at center, tapers to 3″

25″ webbing, 2″ wide

24″ smallest possible waist size

50″ largest possible waist size


Unique to Lillebaby, is a removeable lumbar support piece. This piece is a contoured, thickly padded triangular shaped section. It would only be used with the carrier when baby is positioned in a front carry. It would end up at the center of the wearer’s lower back. With most SSC carriers, at the center of the wearer’s back would be only the nylon webbing strap. With the Lillebaby, the lumbar support piece helps to distribute weight, provide comfort for the wearer, and keep the waistband positioned evenly around the body. With the lumbar support piece attached, I could not cinch the waistband down small enough, so I personally would not be able to use it. The lumbar support piece would not be used when the baby is on the wearer’s back in a back carry. It is made of stiff, firm foam that has a contoured shape. It is covered with orange canvas to match the carrier. It has two fabric loops where the waistband nylon webbing slides through, to hold the lumbar piece in place.

8″ wide across base

4″ wide across top

7.5″ tall

31″ smallest waist size when lumbar support is attached


The thickly-padded shoulder straps are contoured in shape. They can be unbuckled to be worn crossed in the back. The padding is quite thick and squishy, almost 1″ thick. The chest clip slides up and down a nylon strap. There are small buckles where the upper section of the body panel would attach to, to hold it in place (when the carrier is being used for a taller child). The chest clip has a small oval-shaped padded section underneath the buckle. The outward facing part of the padded section is cotton canvas. The underneath – the part of that touches the wearer’s skin – is polyester mesh. The ends of the shoulder strap fabric section have two different sections of webbing. One attaches to the body panel and has a few inches of adjustment capability. The other cinches the strap length. This might be called a “dual-adjust” buckle.

24″ padded fabric

29″ webbing, 1″ thick

4″ additional fabric with buckle attached to side of body panel

25″ smallest possible shoulder strap

53″ longest possible shoulder strap


The hood is detachable. It is a single layer of lightweight cotton fabric. It has button-hole type openings to attach it to plastic buckles on the top of the body panel. The reach ties have several snaps, which would clip to the shoulder straps, to hold the hood up and over baby’s head. The hood has elastic on the sides. It has a bit of a rounded hoodie-type shape at the peak.

8″ wide at base

12″ wide at top

16″ tall

8″ cotton reach ties

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