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This silver jewelry is handmade by Chalea Mune at Mune Studios. Chalea creates jewelry with strength, beauty, and durability in mind, as well as customized products such as affirmation jewelry. She describes her work as creating “journey jewelry that tells a story.” Please see this page for more information about “Mama Metal.”

Chalea shared this regarding her jewelry:

“I consider myself to be a jewelry artisan as well as mama metal artisan. My pieces range from delicate to very sturdy. If a piece is considered geared toward use as mama metal, I will include that in the item description.”

To view items made by Mune Studios, visit the artisan’s website!


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In this post, we feature Five-Hearts Centerpiece, Love-Stamped Infinity Centerpiece, Infinity Circles Centerpiece, Drop Charm, along with several lengths of the Laugh Often chain.

Each metalworking artisan has a different flair, even though the basic shapes may be similar. They are finished and polished in different manners, creating an entirely different final appearance.

These shapes by Mune Studios are highly textured using a variety of hammering techniques. Some of the textures I would describe as dimples, dents, lines, and wavy stripes. Each individual area of the larger piece has its own combination of textures. Most pieces have one side textured and the other smooth. All pieces are flattened, and the edges have an uneven, bumpy texture as well. Nothing felt sharp or rough to my fingertips.

The pieces are imperfectly shaped, with intention. Some shapes are bowed, twisted, or warped, creating a three-dimensional effect. The infinity pieces especially have this warped type of shape. The center of the infinity is raised up, with the sides arching down away from the peak.  The circles are not perfectly round, and have intentionally bent sections to create a unique appearance.

The shapes do not have a high-gloss polished finish to them; but instead have a matte appearance and greyish hue. The color and finish remind me of vintage sterling that has acquired an aged patina. They still have shimmer and glisten to them, but it reminds me of the difference between a matte photograph print and a glossy photograph print.

The jewelry we recently featured by Seashore Design Studio has a high-gloss finish and perfectly rounded shapes. In comparison, these pieces by Mune Studio have a rustic, earthy feel that comes from the texturing, patina tone, and bowed shapes.


The photos show a variety of ways to configure the centerpieces. We created each of these configurations by changing which section of the centerpiece that the clasps connect to. We also configured some with the chain going through the centerpiece like a normal necklace. In those cases, we either clipped the two clasps together behind the neck, or clipped them to the drop nape charm. We even wrapped the chain around the wrist to create a delicate bracelet! We also experimented with using two chains and two centerpieces worn simultaneously (it was lovely!). In other photos, we looped both sides of the chain through the centerpiece, and clipped the lobster clasps onto the chain, creating a choker-length out of the longest 24″ chain.

The first two models (Katelyn wearing green glasses, and Megan wearing black glasses – these two are sisters!) are wearing 18″ or 24″ chain lengths. We also had a 16″ chain length, which fit like a choker on these models. Both Katelyn and Megan felt more comfortable wearing an 18″ or longer chain.

Emily (the mama without glasses) is wearing a 24″ chain, which we doubled up and clasped to itself, to create a choker length with a double-chain look. Later, in her nursing photos, we have one side of the chain still doubled up, and the other side clasped normally). We also showed a few photos of the 24″ chain at its longest length on her.

The models appearing in the photos are showcasing a little of what motherhood is all about, both the happiness and the challenge! Breastfeeding can be a beautiful gift for mothers and their children, and lovely jewelry can help entertain nurslings (especially with the lovely tinkling sound the pieces make as they move!). Katelyn and Megan sisters, and the bond between mother, children, and auntie was lovely to observe. How Katelyn manages to tandem nurse a two year old and four year old is quite impressive.  Emily is newly pregnant, and nursing her toddler during pregnancy.



The Five-Hearts Centerpiece is composed of five interlocking heart shapes, in ascending size from left to right (or right to left, depending how it is worn). The hearts are uniquely shaped, textured, and bent. Some are wider or narrower, taller or shorter or thinner. They are all hammered and warped with different textures and in different directions. When worn, the hearts rotate and move. Some will appear “right side up” and others will turn sideways or upside down. They move, as the wearer moves. Five-Hearts can be worn in many different ways, shown in the photos.

14 gauge
Argentium Silver
Textured / hammered
2.5″ long



The Love-Stamped Infinity has the most texture of the pieces pictured here. It is composed of three pieces – an infinity shape, and two smaller circles, each one attached to one side of the infinity’s figure eight. All three pieces are textured on one side, and flat on the other. The word “love” is stamped / debossed into the infinity shape.  The infinity shape primarily has a dented and dimpled hammered texture. The circles on either side of the infinity have straight and wavy lines of hammered texture, and again flat on the reverse side.  Since there are many shapes, it can be worn in a wide variety of ways. Changing the configuration makes the piece seem almost new again. It would certainly help with “jewelry boredom” to be able to hang the piece any number of ways, making it appear fresh every time. My favorite of the ways we displayed it, was with the clasps attached to each side of the infinity, allowing the circles to dangle freely, creating a butterfly shape.

14 gauge
Argentium Silver
Textured / hammered
2.25 inches long



The Infinity Circles centerpiece is also composed of one infinity shape and two circles, but they are attached differently, and the circles are one larger and one smaller. The infinity piece has a much larger infinity than the Love-Stamped Infinity.  It has very little texture, just light hammering, so is smoother and brighter in appearance overall. The Infinity shape is quite bent and warped, with the center of the shape having rounded wire, and the ends of the figure eight having flattened wire. Connected to the infinity is a larger circle, followed by a smaller circle. The smooth back of the larger circle has the Mune Studio logo stamp, and 925, imprinted.

14 gauge
Argentium Silver
Textured / hammered
3″ long



The Drop charm is small and simple. It is highly hammered and textured toward the pointed tip, and flat near the rounded base. One of the models said it reminded her of an avocado! Since avocado was both of my children’s first solid food, that was sweetly sentimental to me!

14 gauge
Argentium Silver
Textured / hammered
3/4 inches long



The Laugh Often chain is polished to a brilliant glossy shine, creating contrast with the centerpiece links. The chain has a pattern of elongated ovals connected by three tiny circles between each oval. It has a delicate, feminine appearance. I feel there is quite a contrast between the color, sheen, and appearance of the chain, compared to the centerpiece shapes. The large pieces have an earthy, rustic, aged feeling; while the chain feels clean and refined. It is an interesting combination to wear them together. The clasps are attached with a split ring – a circular piece of wire that resembles a keychain ring. It is not fused or soldered.

The chain wire thickness is roughly 25 to 26 gauge, which is a bit on the thin side of mama metal chains we’ve measured. While no chain is completely unbreakable, one goal of mama metal is using chains sturdy enough to withstand at least some tugging by little ones.

My super strong toddler has broken a few of my mama metal chains, including this one. The artisan replaced my broken chain promptly. This is part of the benefit of purchasing high-quality jewelry from a small business – they stand behind their products! After having two chains broken, I have been moving toward chains with a slightly thicker wire (smaller numbered gauge). For a child who pulls heavily, this may not be the best chain due to the slightly thinner wire used to make the chain links.

Sterling silver chain
Sterling Silver clasps and findings
Attachment type – Split Ring
Chain lengths modeled are 16″ or 18″ or 24″

We measured the chain using a digital jewelry caliper.

The chain is composed of long ovals and three tiny ovals between each long oval.

Tiny Ovals:
0.47mm Wire thickness (approximately 26 gauge)
2.76mm diameter long side
2.3mm diameter short side

Large Ovals:
0.53mm Wire thickness (approximately 25 gauge)
7.6mm diameter long side
3.5mm diameter short side

Clasp (connected using split rings):
6.8mm width
13.31mm length



The jewelry arrived in a small cardboard box, alongside business postcards and a coupon code. Inside the box were small paper packets with a lovely embossed design. Each packet contained one item of jewelry, plus a business card.



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