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This silver jewelry is handmade by Jessie Adams of Busy Bangles.

Jessie creates jewelry which is handmade from argentium silver and fine silver. She describes her work as, “Baby safe silver jewelry: fine silver heirloom pieces of jewelry that are made to be played with! Beautiful for moms and fun for babies to grasp and jingle.  Busy Bangles are not only for moms. They are also meant for little hands to discover and explore!  I wanted my business name to show that my jewelry is a sensory experience for young children. The jewelry is for more than to sit on your neck and look pretty!”

Please see this page for general information about “Mama Metal.”

Since some jewelry artisans manufacture a mixture of pieces, some strong enough to be suitable as “mama metal”, and some not, we asked Jessie if all the pieces in her shop were considered “mama metal” strength or not. She replied that everything she currently sells is manufactured to what she feels is “mama metal”.

To view items made by Busy Bangles, visit these links!

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In this post, we feature “A Mother’s Arms” Pendant with Argentium Silver chain with heart nape charm, and a custom Bracelet with link charms.

Each metalworking artisan has a different flair, even though the basic shapes may be similar. They are finished and polished in different manners, creating an entirely different final appearance.

These shapes by Busy Bangles are polished to a brilliant shine. They are lightly hammered on front and back sides, with the silver wire retaining a rounded shape on the edges of the links.

The link shapes and chain are Argentium Silver, a blend of silver which will tarnish less easily than Sterling Silver. Most Mama Metal artisans sell sterling chains, with Busy Bangles being one of the current few, utilizing Argentium chains. For anyone who finds their sterling chains to tarnish easily, this chain may be a better option.



The artisan has this to say about the “A Mother’s Arms” pendant:

“This centerpiece was made to celebrate motherhood. It is a mama metal piece symbolic of love, milk, tears, happiness, and the permanent bond between mother and child!”

This pendant is composed of a larger circle and smaller circle connected by a “V” shape at the base – almost appearing as a heart shape. Dangling from the base of the “V” is a drop shape and a heart shape.

Unlike some other centerpieces or pendants we have featured, this cannot be worn in multiple configurations. It is designed to look like the face of a mother and face of a child, leaning toward each other.  To dangle it upside down or sideways, would not communicate the impression of two people’s faces. It can be worn as a mirror image of itself – the mother on the right, or left, reversing the horizontal position.

The drop and heart move freely, creating a gentle sound as the metal strikes against itself.

The artisan has a maker’s mark which is two very tiny letter “B”s, set near the base of the “V” shape of the pendant.

Both the pendant and chain are crafted to be strong and durable, strong enough for little hands to explore.


14 gauge
Fine silver
Hammered and tumbled
2″ tall
1″ wide
Three components – mother/child shape, drop shape, heart shape


ARGENTIUM CHAIN with Heart Nape Charm

This is a dual-clasp chain, meaning that both ends of it have a sterling silver lobster clasp. The clasp is attached with a heavy gauge (thick) sterling silver split ring – essentially a miniature keyring. The split ring is larger than some on other chains I’ve seen, making it extra sturdy.

The chain is a manufactured chain, in a basic style called cable chain or link chain. The chain links are oval shapes made from rounded wire. The wire making the chain links is thicker than several other Mama Metal chains I’ve tried, which will make it strong, holding up to children’s tugs. Since I have had my son break two of my Mama Metal chains, the thickness of wire used to make the chain links is a key feature for me. This chain is thicker and appears more sturdy than some of the more delicate chains my son has broken.

At the center of the chain is a heart shape, crafted by the artisan from Argentium silver. It is marked with the maker’s double “B” stamp, similarly to the pendant.

The heart charm is designed to sit at the nape of the wearer’s neck, with the dual clasps of the chain attached to the pendant. A chain with a nape charm such as this, doesn’t work to be worn like a regular necklace – that is, the chain strung through the pendant. It must be worn with the clasps attached to the pendant or centerpiece.

The chain is Argentium Silver, a blend of silver which will tarnish less easily than Sterling Silver. Most Mama Metal artisans sell sterling chains, with Busy Bangles being one of the current few, utilizing Argentium chains. For anyone who finds their chains to tarnish easily, this chain may be a better option. The split ring and lobster clasps are the only components which are sterling silver.

The wire used for the chain links is approximately 22 gauge, noticeably thicker (and therefore stronger) than some other chains we have measured. Several other chains we have measured are closer to 25 or 26 gauge (a smaller number represents a thicker wire).

The links of this chain are also rather large / open in size, giving the chain a more chunky and substantial look than other more delicate chains.


Argentium silver
Named “Sweetheart Chain” by artisan
Cable Chain / Link Chain style
Sterling Silver dual clasps and split rings

0.72mm wire thickness (approx 22 gauge)
5.6mm individual chain link length
4.3mm individual chain link width

Split Rings 7.2mm diameter (on the large size)

Lobster Clasp 12.5mm long and 7mm wide



Busy Bangles offers a semi-custom bracelet, made to order, and made to length, with a choice of type and number of link shapes set into the chain of the bracelet. This was a piece I worked with the artisan to design to my specifications.

I personally don’t like when a bracelet is unbalanced – having a “right” side you wish to view, and a “wrong side” where the clasps are placed. Inevitably, the “right” side rotates around the wrist, showing the clasps on top. I wanted a bracelet that was visually the same all the way around, with the same weight on either side, so it would rotate less, and look identical no matter which direction it rotated.

The result the artisan made for me, is a bracelet of two separate pieces, with both pieces being identical. Each piece is composed of a small piece of chain – doubled up for strength – attached to two circle link shapes, a split ring and lobster clasp. I have actually used one half of the bracelet to attach to a longer centerpiece, to create a new bracelet!

This is my only Mama Metal bracelet, and I hardly ever take it off. The only thing I have noticed about not taking it off, is the links acquire a bit of a dull residue, most likely from the very hard water in my home – since I wash dishes after feeding my children (about twenty times a day ha!). It can be cleaned back to its original shine, so it has not bothered me.

I have also noticed that the thick argentium making the link shapes, absorbs radiant heat or cold. For example, when I’m driving in the summer with the air conditioning blasting near my arms and face, the circle links get very cold against my skin. When I’m cooking over my gas stove, if constantly stirring a pot close to the flames, the link shapes get hot against my skin – not hot enough to burn me, but warm enough to notice and move my arm further from the heat.

Te artisan makes the bracelet length based upon the wearer’s actual wrist measurement. I requested a specific length bracelet, rather than giving the artisan my wrist size, and the bracelet would not fit when it arrived. This was completely my fault. I sent it back, gave the artisan my actual wrist size, and she made the bracelet to a length she knew would work for my wrist. It fit perfectly the second time! She was gracious to re-make it for me for a small fee. If I ordered a bracelet again, I would trust the artisan’s knowledge for what length to make it, based on my wrist size.


Four Circle Shapes
14 gauge argentium silver
12.9mm diameter

0.55 mm wire used to make chain links (approximately 24 gauge, thinner than chain used for necklace)
3.36 individual chain link width
4.7 individual chain link length

Split Ring and Lobster Clasps
Sterling silver
Same dimensions as split ring and clasps used for necklace