Moby Go | Soft Structured Carrier SSC | Review


This carrier is:

  • Moby brand.
  • “Go” is the name Moby has given to this carrier.
  • Soft structured carrier (SSC), sometimes called a buckle carrier.
  • 100% cotton.
  • Black is the color.

Words I would use to describe this carrier:

  • structured
  • comfortable
  • simple
  • affordable

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The Moby Go soft structured carrier is useful for front carries, where the straps will be crossed over the back. The shoulder straps are wide, long, and unpadded. In a front carry, this is one of the most comfortable SSC’s I have tried. It is one of my husband’s favorites.  It comes in one size, what I would consider “standard” size. It is not useful for a back carry, because of the long straps, which can only be worn in a crossed X position. This may work for a man, but as you can see in my photos, proves awkward and uncomfortable for a woman. This is a simple, basic SSC carrier without  many frills. Function and design take the win here, with aesthetics being basic.


My husband wears our babies from birth in a Beco Gemini carrier. The Gemini also can cross straps over the back, which he finds much more comfortable than most SSC carriers which have a chest clip. When our baby outgrew the Gemini, we tried several SSCs before finding one that my husband liked. This is it! It is usable for me in a front carry, but the straps barely cinch down small enough. It is not usable for me in a back carry. The manufacturer has instructions and photos for a back carry. They demonstrate using a man wearing the baby, and he has the straps crossed over his chest. We haven’t tried this on my husband, as he prefers to front carry.



The canvas is about medium in texture, not as rough as some brands, and not as soft as others, as cotton canvas goes. This black color hides stains (important for a Daddy carrier!). It has proved durable even after several washes. The canvas is solid black.


The Moby Go currently is only made in one-size. The body panel is roughly 16×16, what I would consider standard size. It fits my one year old quite well, with room to grow. This carrier not designed for use with newborns.


The body panel is two layers of fabric. There is a very large zipper pocket to store the removeable hood, or cell phone / keys. It has thin but squishy legs-out padding. The body panel has a contoured shape. The straps attach at the sides of the body panel, making for easy attaching and detaching in a front carry. The cotton on the inside of the body panel is softer than the outside, and has almost a suede-like feel. There are no seat darts, but the body panel is composed of a few sections of fabric stitched together, which creates a nicely deep seat.

16″ wide

17″ tall from top of waistband to top of panel

16″ tall from top of waistband to top of shoulder strap (which is usually the maximum height that can support baby’s body)


Zipper closure. Large velcro strips inside the pocket, where the hood would attach.

10″ wide

5″ tall


The waistband is thickly padded with contoured padding. It has some flexibility to it. The padding is all one piece, not sewn in sections. There is a fabric strip with elastic loops, to help hold the nylon strap in place when worn. There is an elastic safety for the buckle. Extra wide, silky nylon webbing extends on both sides of the fabric waistband.

4.5″ tall at center, tapers to 3.5″ tall at sides

24″ padded section, additional 8.5″ of unpadded fabric section (part of this fabric section can fold onto itself to reduce the waist size)

9″ nylon webbing on one side, 11″ nylon webbing on the other side

2″ nylon webbing width

27″ minimum waist length

52″ maximum waist length


The shoulder straps are the most unusual feature of this SSC. First, there is no padding, only two layers of cotton canvas. They are very wide (5″ at the widest point). The fabric section is very long, so this SSC could never be used with traditional “ruck” or “backpack” type in a back carry. The long, wide, unpadded straps make for a front carry that is quite comfortable, distributing weight across a wide section. For me, the comfort of straps in a front carry has to do with the strap width, not the amount of padding. This carrier really shines about many other SSCs in a front carry, and is mostly unusable in a back carry, due to the shoulder strap structure.

26″ fabric section length

20″ nylon webbing (elastic at ends for rolling up)

1″ width of nylon webbing

27″ smallest shoulder strap length

48″ longest shoulder strap length

3″ to 5″ contoured strap width


The hood is a double layer of cotton canvas, and is removable. It attaches with a very long and wide piece of velcro inside the pocket on the body panel. The velcro on the hood is the “scratchy” side of the velcro. The velcro inside the pocket is the soft side. It can also be stored in that pocket. It has a “hoody” shape at the top of it. It does not have elastic or cinches.

9.5″ width

13″ height to top of hoody hood, 3.5″ to make the curving hood part


MANUFACTURER SPECS (Copied from Moby Wrap website)

  • Perfect for babies 15 to 45 pounds
  • Can do back carries
  • Wide comfort straps in a cross-shoulder design
  • Easy-to-reach side buckles
  • Pocket with adjustable/removable hood
  • Ergonomic seat design: 14.5″w seat, 18″ tall body
  • Unique dual foam waist belt adjusts from 26″ to 40″


We would be thrilled if you would add YOUR OWN review of this carrier! Reader reviews located at the end of the post near the comments section.

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