Natibaby Green and White Hemp Clovers | Wrap Conversion Ring Sling | Review


This carrier is:

Words I would use to describe this carrier:

  • soft
  • thick
  • dense
  • comfortable


The characteristics of hemp tend to be supportive, bouncy, and warm. This wrap was in line with those traits. The weave is dense and smooth to the touch. The green side of the fabric has a little sheen to it. It felt thick, or perhaps medium/thick, in hand.


The color is a light spring green, not what I would call lime or sage or citron, but somewhere between those, contrasted with silvery white threads. The wrong side of the fabric is much paler, reading a very light green. The wrong side also has more texture than the smooth feeling of the green side / right side.


This is a woven wrap converted / sewn into a ring sling, by Sleeping Baby Productions. It has an Eesti-style shoulder, which is a hybrid between pleated and gathered. This shoulder style is quite comfortable for me to use. The green sling rings nicely match the color of the fabric.


I purchased this ring sling when wanting more “cush” on my shoulder with my growing toddler. He recently learned to walk, which makes a baby prone to wanting “up” then “down” at short and frequent intervals. I find a ring sling convenient for solving this problem! I found the thick density of the fabric to indeed prove cushy on the shoulder.

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