Onya Baby Outback | Burnt Orange Slate Grey | Soft Structured Carrier SSC | Review


This carrier is:

  • Onya Baby brand.
  • Outback is the name the manufacturer has given this style of carrier.
  • Soft structured carrier (SSC), sometimes called a buckle carrier.
  • Fiber content according to tag is “rip-stop nylon, 3-D air-mesh, excluding trim”.
  • Burnt Orange Slate Grey is the name of the color the manufacturer has given this colorway.

Words I would use to describe this carrier:

  • light
  • breathable
  • strong
  • firm
  • bulky

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Here’s how Onya Baby describes their Outback carrier:

“Whether you’re out with your child wandering the urban jungle or hiking with them in the hills, the Onya Baby Outback offers a new approach to the soft-structured carrier. A durable, water-resistant, rip-stop nylon exterior and air-mesh lining makes it perfect for hot weather or hiking the trails. Parent and child will stay cooler with the air-mesh lining, which wicks away moisture leaving you both comfortable. It can be worn as a front-pack or backpack, and comes with an integrated seat that will fit almost any chair – for when you’ve decided to take a break for lunch and the restaurant doesn’t have a seat for your little one.”

This carrier shines in hot weather, in dusty or dirty environments, and for outdoor activities in the summer. My sensitive skin did not like the scratchy mesh fabric it is lined with. My friend who owns one enjoys using it a back carry for summer day trips to the zoo. It would dry quickly if it got wet, and would be resistant to staining because of the artificial fabrics. It is breathable for baby because of the fabric content.


The orange fabric is thin, strong nylon. It has a slight texture to it, and is thicker than the Boba Air nylon. The grey fabric is mesh, that is either nylon or polyester or a blend. It has a squishy feeling and is scratchy on my sensitive skin. A few sections of fabric, the grey is the same nylon as the orange. The nylon webbing is made from a slippery, soft, silky fabric unlike any other carrier I’ve tried. It is so soft on my skin compared to the usual rough nylon webbing on most SSCs.


I would not attempt to use this with a newborn. Based on how it fits my ten month old, I would imagine it could possibly fit as early 6 months old (though it wouldn’t be my first choice for that age), through around 2 years old.


The Outback is full of fancy features. The body sports four pockets! The top pocket holds the hood, and closes with two magnets concealed in the fabric. The middle pocket is zippered and empty. The side pocket is zippered, deep, and empty. The bottom pocket is zippered and holds the “infant seat” panel.

The carrier can be used to buckle a child to a chair, if in a location where there are no high chairs. This isn’t a feature I would use too often, but I will admit I’ve used a carrier at least twice in my babywearing career, as a sort of high chair restraint in an adult chair.

There are loops to attach toys, or the specially-designed Onya drool pads (to hold the drool pad in place, keeping it from sliding around on the shoulder strap). There’s a toy or key loop on the waistband.



The body panel has an interesting “V”-shaped base. It has a top flap that folds up or down to increase / decrease the height of the body panel. It has a pocket section that contains layers with four separate pockets. The primary body panel is two layers – the inside being the mesh and the exterior being the nylon.

12″ wide at narrowest part of base

17″ wide at legs-out section

18″ tall or 15″ tall with flap folded down



The waistband is mesh on the inside, and grey nylon on the outside. It is padded with firm, thick, inflexible padding. The padding in the main section of the waistband is over an inch thick. It felt firm and bulky on my hips. It also tended to slide backward with baby’s weight, making the waist strap press into my belly on the front (not too attractive, and felt a bit awkward). One side of the buckle is inset on the waistband, firmly attached in a pocket on the waistband, so there is only one nylon webbing strap.

24.5″ padded fabric

5″ tall contours to 2.5″ tall

32″ webbing plus 2″ buckles

22″ smallest waist because of the inset buckle

58.5″ largest waist



The shoulder straps are thickly padded with hard, firm, inflexible padding. It was surprisingly supportive once on my shoulders. The straps are lined with the mesh fabric, which is scratchy on my sensitive skin. The straps are contoured in shape and in width. The straps can unbuckle completely, allowing the straps to be crossed in the back, but that isn’t comfortable with the contoured shape of the straps.

17″ padded fabric

3″ wide tapers to 2″ wide

17″ webbing plus 2″ buckle

19″ smallest shoulder strap setting

36″ longest shoulder strap setting


The chest clip is made from a different type of nylon webbing than the rest of the straps. It is rougher in texture, and reminds me of grosgrain ribbon. It can be completely removed, and freely slides up and down the strap in all directions.

4″ smallest possible chest clip

15″ widest possible chest clip




The hood is attached and not removeable. It crunches up inside a pocket on the body panel. It is made from an ultra soft suede-like nylon fabric, unlike any other fabric on the carrier. It has elastic on the sides, and a slight hoody shape. It has very long reach straps with snaps.

11″ wide

18″ tall

15″ reach straps with snaps



Large side zipper pocket (for storage) 7″ tall 10″ wide 3″ deep

Small zipper pocket (for storage) 4.5″ tall 6″ wide

Hood storage pocket (open top closes with two magnets concealed in the fabric) 4″ tall 11″ wide

Bottom seat zipper pocket (holds the “baby seat”) 8″ tall 10″ wide



15 tall”

5.5″ wide for most of the length (where it would go under baby’s crotch)

14″ wide where it would go under baby’s armpits, with webbing attached to the ends

Webbing 20″ on each side plus 2″ buckles


We would be thrilled if you would add YOUR OWN review of this carrier! Reader reviews located at the end of the post near the comments section.

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