The babywearing world has its own language. For those who buy and sell carriers, or visit Facebook swaps for used carriers, the language can be confusing. Here is our attempt at a dictionary for this babywearing language!

Please comment or email us if you’d like something added to the list!

All In: Price includes shipping and fees

BNIB: Brand New In Box

BNIP: Brand New In Package

Boomerang wrap: A mama selling a certain wrap and then re-purchased it.

BST or B/S/T: Buy Sell Trade

bump: Bring Up My Post – commenting on a post to bump it to the top of the page wall for attention

Chicken / Chicken factor: Seller is unsure if wanting to sell/trade and may back out of sale/tradel

CISO: Casually In Search Of

Cross Posted: offered for sale in multiple places

DD: dear daughter (the person’s daughter)

DH: double hammock

DH: dear husband

DS: dear son (the person’s son)

DISO: Desperately In Search Of

DIY: Do It Yourself

EEUC: Extremely Excellent Used Condition

EUC: Excellent Used Condition

FFS: Free For Shipping

FFS: Free For Shipping (item is free, buyer pays exact shipping cost)

Fluff: collection of baby carriers or cloth diapers

Fluff: Baby carrier, usually multiple carriers

FSO: For Sale Only / not open to trades

FSOT: For Sale or Trade

FTO: For Trade Only / not willing to sell

FWCC: Front Wrap Cross Carry

GBP/CDN/EU/etc. Currency offered

etc. Currency offered.

HSA: Highly Sought After

HTF: Hard To Find

HSA: Highly Sought After

IHA: I have a…

ISO: In Search Of

Legacy: a wrap that will stay forever and be put away for baby to use when s/he has babies, sometimes a wrap released for sale on the same date as baby’s birthday

LO: little one (usually the person’s child)

MMAO/MMARO: Make me a (Reasonable) offer

MPU: Buyer must pick up

NFS: Not for sale

Permastash: A carrier the owner intends never to sell or trade

OOAK: One of a kind

PFA: Perfect Fit Adjusters

PIF: Pay It Forward

PM: Sent you a message (Check your Others folder!)

POMS: Posted on multiple sites (offered for sale in multiple places)

PP: PayPal

PP: Paypal

PPD: Postage Paid Domestic (domestic shipping fee within seller’s own country, is included in sale price)

PPU: Pending pick up

ROW: rest of world (international shipping)

RUB: Ruck Tied Under Bum

SPOC: simple piece of cloth

SSS: Stash shot Saturday (photo of all the carriers “stash” someone owns, posted on Saturday)


STIH: soft tape in hand (fabric measured by hand using a soft, flexible tape measure such as would be used in sewing)

Sub: subscribing to the thread (wanting to receive notifications on future comments for updates or interest)

TFTO: tentatively for trade only

TV: Trade Value

VDISO: Very Desperately In Search Of

VGUC: Very Good Used Condition

VTFTO: very tentatively for trade only

Wrap Split: Splitting a wrap into 2 carriers, usually either shorties or ring slings