Sizing of Carriers

Wrap Sizing

Wrap sizing in length is generally consistent between manufacturers, whether the wrap is stretchy or woven. Some manufacturers sell wraps in sizes like “A, B, or C”. This type of sizing is not universal, and the exact length should be verified. Factors such as shrinkage, cutting and re-hemming a wrap to a shorter size, and more, can affect length. Wraps vary greatly in width.

The “right” size wrap is a combination of the wearer, the child being worn, and the type of carry (way to wrap the fabric). Most people consider their “base size” to be the size with which they can carry in a “double hammock” carry or a “front wrap cross carry”. It is most common to have a size 5 or 6 as a base size. Longer or shorter wraps can be used for all sorts of body types and baby sizes, depending on how the fabric is wrapped.

Size 2 –  2.7 meters = 102 inches

Size 3 – 3.1 meters = 122 inches

Size 4 – 3.6 meters = 142 inches

Size 5 –  4.2 meters = 165 inches

Size 6 –  4.6 meters = 181 inches

Size 7 –  5.2 meters = 205 inches

Size 8 – 5.60 meters = 220 inches


SSC and Mei Tai Sizing

Varies by manufacturer. The most commonly accepted sizing follows.

The “right” size SSC or Mei Tai has to do with the child being worn. Depending on height and weight of the baby, general rules of thumb for sizing are below. There is quite a bit of variance in proper fit based on the specific child in question, and the specific carrier in question. Different brands may have their own sizing descriptors that vary greatly. Exact measurements should be verified for each brand. The following guidelines are approximate.

The measurement is the size of the body panel, not including the waistband. The height is measured with the carrier laying flat, from the top of the waistband to the top of the body panel. The width is measured with the carrier laying flat, from left to right across the widest section of the body panel (usually around the area where the baby’s bum and legs would be positioned).

Baby Size – 14×14 to 15×15 (fits approximately newborn to 12 months)

Standard Size – 16×16 to 17×17 (fits approximately 6 months to 2 years)

Toddler Size – 18×18 to 19×19 (fits approximately 18 months to 3 years)

Preschool Size – 20×20 or larger (fits approximately 3 years to 5 years)


Ring Sling Sizing

Varies widely by manufacturer. Some commonly accepted sizing follows.

The “right” size ring sling is a combination of the wearer and child.  It is suggested for a user to purchase a ring sling with the same size as the caregiver’s t-shirt size. This is a very broad guideline. Most people can use a ring sling at least one size, and possibly two sizes, smaller or larger than their t-shirt size. Some people may prefer a shorter “tail” hanging down their body, in which case they would choose a smaller size.

The length of a ring sling is measured from the top of the fabric attached to rings, to the bottom hem. If the bottom hem is tapered, it would be measured to the center of taper.

Extra Small 65”

Small 70”

Medium 75”

Large 80”

Extra large 85”