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This post contains comparisons of:

  • Mei tais made from woven wraps,
  • Made and sold by the manufacturer rather than a conversion artist,
  • Having unpadded wide, wrap-style straps.

The brands reviewed in this post are:

Click the links above if you want more detailed information and measurements for each of those brands. Below is a general review and comparison for each mei tai.

This post assumes a basic knowledge of baby carrier general use, and familiarity with mei tais.

For readers who have never worn a mei tai before, or are not familiar with them, please first read the post Introduction to Mei Tais.

Disclaimer – I am sharing my personal experience with different carriers. All opinions and measurements are my own.  You wear your own child, at your own risk, and buy and sell carriers, at your own risk.  Please educate yourself on babywearing safety and shopping addictions to keep yourself and your child safe!

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The mei tais in this post have wide, unpadded shoulder straps. They vary as to the size of the body panel, and the structure of the body and waistband. More detailed reviews, including measurements, can be found in the links to each specific mei tai brand.





DIDYMOS DIDYTAI – Click here for full review and measurements

Wins for greatest variety, quality, and beauty of woven wrap fabrics.


  • Best for about two months old through about 18 months old.
  • I personally found my newborn to slump inside the body panel until he was 4-6 weeks old and had more trunk control.
  • I personally found my two year old was too big. I was able to make it fit “in a pinch” by completely changing how I put the mei tai on. I would not purchase a DidyTai for a child older than 18 months.Highlights
  • Cinchable base in the body panel
  • The most beautiful, luxurious, varied fabrics of any brand I’ve tried.
  • Didymos has been making baby carriers since 1972!
  • Some DidyTai fabrics are “standard line” that have been in production for many years, and are easy to find new or used. Others are limited edition, only available used, and may come up for sale rarely.Considerations
  • Each different fabric has different characteristics such as breathability, support, texture, thickness, – just like the woven wraps they are made from.  Even different colors of the same weave can have different characteristics.
  • Straps are medium length within the range of those reviewed. My husband is six foot and wears size XXL shirts; he could not wrap the straps in the reinforcing pass and had to tie off under baby’s bum.
  • Hood is short and functions like a head rest. This is perfect as neck support for a small baby or after baby falls asleep. It isn’t large enough to shield a baby’s head from the sun or visibility.




DIVA MILANO ESSENZA MEI TAI – Click here for full review and measurements

Wins best for a newborn.


  • Best for newborn through about one year old.
  • Body panel is one of the smallest in comparison to other ready-made mei tais.
  • Diva Milano changed the body panel size in 2014. Original body panel 14×14 inches, new body panel 15×15 inches.


  • Body panel cinches top and bottom, and has elastic on the sides. Provides excellent head support for a newborn or sleeping infant.
  • Elegant woven fabric in a paisley-type pattern.  Fabric comes in only one pattern and thicknesses, but a variety of vibrant colors.
  • Fabric is thin and neither too grippy or too slippery.
  • Fabric is breathable and light for hot weather.
  • Waist and shoulder straps are extra long.


  • Waist straps are narrow, and combined with the thinness of the fabric, can dig into the wearer’s waist when baby gets heavier.
  • Small body panel size will not support a toddler.




BABYLONIA BBSLEN BBTAI – Click here for full review and measurements

Wins for best “emergency car carrier” or “backup beater.”
Warm to wear in cold weather.


  • Fits 2/3 months old through two years old.
  • Newborn insert is removable using velcro tabs inside the body panel.Highlights
  • Budget friendly (less than $100 used).
  • Good for a “one carrier family” who need to wear both a small baby and a toddler using one carrier (obviously not at the same time).
  • Good for using on-the-go or keeping in the car, since the short straps won’t drag on the ground too much.
  • Comes with a shoulder bag for carrying the carrier (or for carrying your stuff so your bag can match your carrier).Considerations
  • Shoulder straps are short. Most people will tie off under baby’s bum, without enough length for reinforcing passes.
  • Newborn insert is cumbersome and difficult to use.  Cinching body panels of other mei tais function easier for newborn usage.
  • Only the body panel is made from woven wrap. The shoulder and waist is woven fabric not as soft as woven wrap.
  • Strap fabric is thick side, which is more supportive, and hotter to wear.
  • Has a headrest but no hood.
  • I have owned three different BBTais, and the black shoulder strap fabric has been different on them all. The oldest one (2005) is thick, dense, and has stretch/bounce to it. The newest one (a couple years old) the shoulder fabric was a bit thinner, less dense / more airy, and lacked the stretch/bounce of the older model.




HOPPEDIZ HOP TYE – Click here for full review and measurements


  • Wins for warm to wear in cold weather.
  • Small size body panel.

  • Newborn to one year.
  • The body panel is small, around the same size as the Diva Milano mei tai. I would not imagine this working for any longer than 18 months old, and perhaps not even that long.Highlights
  • Budget friendly (less than $100 used).
  • Good for a newborn in a cold winter climate.Considerations
  • Some Hop Tyes are made completely from woven wrap fabric; others have only the body panel made from woven wrap.
  • The black woven (non-wrap) fabric is not very soft or cuddly. It is sturdy and bears weight well.
  • Hot to wear. Strap fabric is dense and warm, and the body panel is lightly padded. I would not want to use this in hot weather, as it would be warm for both wearer and child.
  • Padded waistband contains a long width of padding, making a bulky waist that is hard to tie. The spot where most people would be ready to tie their knot, would still contain padding too thick to tie off.




INDA JANI ADJUSTABLE MEI TAI  – Click here for full review and measurements


  • Wins for widest age-range of child it can carry.
  • Winner for combination of value/price/size usage.
  • Largest size body panel reviewed here.

  • 6 months to 3 years.
  • Inda Jani sells an “adjustable” mei tai shown here, and another which is not adjustable (but has buttons and a removeable hood).Highlights
  • Has the most versatile sizing, however, it is much to large for a preemie or tiny newborn.  My sons are around 10 lb, 22 inches at birth, and I could fit them in it around three months.
  • Cinches top and bottom of the body panel. If completely cinched and also waist rolled a couple times, could fit an infant; or can fit a toddler when fully open.
  • Fabric is dense, textured, thick, and supportive, yet isn’t too hot to wear.
  • Budget friendly (around $100 new or used).
  • Handwoven in Mexico.
  • Large hood has plenty of room to shade baby.
  • Breathable fabric in hot weather.Considerations
  • Fabric is a bit rough when brand new.  Does get softer with use, but not luxuriously soft like other brands.
  • Since the body panel is so large, it takes education to safely re-size it based on the child’s size. In the photo with my six month old, I have the body panel cinched top and bottom, and the waist rolled upward and outward 1.5 times (to shorten the body panel). With my three year old, I have the body panel fully open.
  • Fabric is relatively thick and dense compared to these others, and straps are also wider than most. May be bulky for some users.
  • Even when cinched down completely, thickness of fabric can make this too bulky to wear with a small baby. Although it “could” be used for a baby less than six months, is is better suited for six months and up.




BABY SABYE MEI TAI – Click here for full review and measurements


  • Wins thickest, grippiest fabric.
  • Wins for handwoven fabric.

  • Manufactured in standard size, toddler size, and newborn adjustable size. I have pictured and reviewed standard size (non adjustable).
  • Fits approximately 2/3 months to 2 years.Highlights
  • Handwoven fabrics are usually more expensive and desirable than machine-woven wraps. I have only tried budget handwovens (Baby SayBe and Inda Jani), so I can’t compare them to higher end handwovens (which cost anywhere from $500-$3,000).
  • Fabric is thick and grippy, thicker and more textured than others here. The fabric itself is something unique. The textured “grippy” fabric stays put once you wrap it. The thickness is delightfully supportive and not “diggy” on the shoulders.
  • Has a structured waistband that is not padded, but is separate from the body panel. This makes it easier to roll the waist upward for a smaller baby.
  • Handwoven in Thailand.Considerations
  • Color variations are limited, but they will be manufacturing new colors soon.
  • Hotter to wear compared to the others featured here (not as hot as the Hop Tye or BBTai).
  • Straps are medium length, could be too short for some people’s preference.
  • Average to small size hood does not give much coverage.
  • No cinch mechanism on the body panel. Adjustments to fit the child would be manual by the user.
  • Fabric is rough when brand new, and requires “breaking in” to get it softer.



TOPA TOP MEI TAI  – Click here for full review and measurements


  • Wins for customizable features.
  • Wins for combination of quality/fabric/value/price.

  • Comes in standard size or toddler size. I have pictured and reviewed standard size.
  • Newborn to 18 months


  • Topa Top is the only brand reviewed here that is not ready-made directly by the manufacturer.  Topa Top is a custom WCMT converter (a seamstress company who uses woven wraps and other fabrics to sew mei tais). I reviewed them because they are accessible (easy to locate new or used), and their price point is similar to the others here.
  • Made from a WIDE variety of wrap fabrics and non-wrap fabrics. Fabric content and characteristics vary.
  • Extra long straps, the longest reviewed here.
  • Extra large hood is also single layer, which provides the greatest amount of shade for baby, without being as hot as a double layer hood.


  • May not be 100% cotton. Ask for fiber content of individual carriers.
  • Variety of wraps and fabrics provide a different user experience with each one.
  • A user who is experienced with different woven wraps will enjoy the variety to choose from, but a user new to babywearing may end up with a fabric they didn’t expect or may not prefer.


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