Connecta Solar Solarweave | Blackberry Purple | Toddler Size | Soft Structured Carrier SSC | Review


This carrier is:

  • Connecta brand.
  • Soft Structured Carrier / SSC.
  • 100% nylon Solarweave.
  • “Blackberry” is the name the manufacturer gave the purple color pictured. It is toddler size.

Words I would use to describe this carrier:

  • soft
  • silky
  • smooth
  • supportive
  • thin
  • breathable
  • airy
  • lightweight
  • compact

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The Connecta Solar is a summer carrier that can be used in or out of the water. It dries quickly, has UV protective qualities, is lightweight, breathable, and supportive. It can be used in natural water sources such as lakes and rivers, or chlorinated water. I would throw mine in the washing machine or at least give it a good rinse, whenever we finished using it in chlorinated water, to rinse the chemicals out of the fabric.

We used it heavily all summer, and it shows no signs of fading or wear, other than the lettering on the tag is fading.

Water carriers are fantastic for summer use, not only because their fabrics are breathable, but because it’s safe to get them wet even in chlorinated water. I don’t have to worry about damage to my natural-fiber carriers from too much chlorine, and I don’t have to worry about taking an expensive carrier to a lake or river where it could easily get dirty or wet.

Water carriers are designed for safe, reasonable use around water. I use mine for wading or playing in shallow water, and for carrying a wet baby outside of the water. I don’t use it for anything that I wouldn’t do while holding my baby (such as water skiing, swimming in deep water or pools, diving, etc.). While riding in a boat, I put my baby in a life jacket, not a baby carrier.


This fit both myself and my husband (with standard strap length). He didn’t like the feeling of not having a waistband. Of all the water carriers I’ve tried, it is my overall favorite. I like that the fabric isn’t stretchy, which means it is more supportive with a heavy baby, and doesn’t sag when it’s wet. It is extremely lightweight and breathable – like you’re not wearing a carrier at all. This makes it a great summer carrier, in or out of the water.

The very wide 2″ webbing makes this extremely comfortable with straps crossed in the back, like a mei tai. It also makes the waist pretty comfortable considering there is no padding and no structured waistband.


The Connecta Solar comes in Standard size, Standard size with petite straps, and Toddler size (both the Sage green and Blackberry purple in this review are toddler size). Standard size fit my baby all summer (five months to ten months old). By the end of the summer, he was wearing twelve-month size clothing, and was able to fit the toddler size.


The Connecta Solar is made from Solarweave fabric. It is the identical fabric used for the Zanytoes Splash! water ring sling, and comes in the identical colors. Solarweave is soft, smooth, silky, and slippery, almost a satin type of feeling. My baby instantly starts sucking and chewing on the silky fabric once he’s in the carrier. It is very thin, strong, and is not stretchy at all. Because it is so silky and slippery, it tends to ride up on my shoulders toward my neck.


Body Structure – unstructured, sort of a cross between an SSC and a mei tai. Meant to be worn “apron style.” Body panel is tapered – narrow at the base / waist, and wider at the top / shoulder of baby.

Body Width – 12″ at base (where waist webbing / buckle straps are), 14″ halfway between base and center buckles, 15″ at center buckles, 17″ at shoulder

29″ tall from top of hood to bottom of panel, 10″ is hood height, 19″ is remaining height, worn apron style so fits about 14-16″ tall depending on how it is worn


Waist Structure – completely unstructured. Meant to be worn “apron style”, meaning the baby sits inside a pocket of fabric rather than on top of a structured waist band.

52″ largest possible waist, 39″ of webbing and buckles, 12″ of body panel

16″ smallest possible waist


Shoulder Structure – Partly padded with fabric, partly nylon webbing. One buckle adjustment, attached to the side of the body panel. Designed to be worn on front with straps crossed in back. Worn on the back with regular ruck straps, and a removable chest clip for back carries. I prefer using the shoulder strap webbing to make a “knotless finish”.

STANDARD STRAP Length (Sand beige color in my photos) – 38″ longest possible shoulder strap (13″ padded fabric, 25″ webbing and buckle), 15″ smallest possible shoulder strap

PETITE STRAP Length (Surf mint green color in my photos) 32.5″ longest possible shoulder strap (11.5″ padded fabric 21″ webbing and buckle), 13.5″ smallest possible shoulder strap

Shoulder Strap Width – 3″ wide padded fabric area, 2″ wide webbing

It usually does come with a chest clip. I prefer to cross the shoulder straps over my chest, in a “knotless” finish (similar to a mei tai).


Attached, flat, not cinching. Can attach to shoulder straps with narrow nylon webbing and small buckles.

11″ Hood Width

10″ Hood Height


We would be thrilled if you would add YOUR OWN review of this carrier! Reader reviews located at the end of the post near the comments section.

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