Didymos | Teviot v1 Wool | Woven Wrap | Review


This carrier is:

  • Didymos brand.
  • Woven wrap.
  • 70% cotton 30% Teviot wool.
  • Black and white in color.
  • Size 2 (approximately 2.7 meters or 107 inches)
  • Teviot is the name Didymos has given this particular wrap – in this color, with this fiber content, and this weave pattern.

Words I would use to describe this carrier:

  • soft
  • bouncy
  • strong
  • breathable
  • cuddly
  • cushy
  • classy

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Didymos describes Teviot this way:

“The wool used in this wool blend is actually rinsed in the waters from the Teviot river. This water is very soft which in turn breaks up the fibres of the wool, making it very soft.  A gorgeous weave, the pattern is subtle, slightly textured. There is anthracite and a special white cotton woven with the creamy wool to create this impressive fabric. So, the colour is a combination of anthracite and creamy off white and comes across grey.  Of medium thickness and weight, the fabric is a bit cushy and gets very soft with the first washes, it is supportive and breathable. It is classy looking and dresses up or down for the occasion.”

Thinner wool wraps with a breathable weave, like Teviot, can be used in winter or summer.  Wool has moisture-wicking properties, and is breathable in a way only natural fibers can be.  I was cooler wearing this wool wrap, than I was wearing a padded soft structured carrier or a rayon blouse.  Some thick wool wraps are better reserved for winter, but many wool wraps are fantastic summer carriers.

Wool has a bit of a “bounce” to it, which makes it comfortable and cushy on the shoulders.  Hemp is a close second with a similar bounce, but it is warmer and not as breathable as wool, in general.  Wool is a supportive fiber, making heavier babies feel lighter weight.

Wool wraps do require special care, which isn’t difficult, but must be carefully maintained.  They should be hand washed, and not twisted or wrung out when wet.  They never go in the dryer, as anyone who has washed and dried a wool sweater can tell you!  A wool wrap that has been improperly cared for can become “felted.”  The wool may shrink in length and width, and is no longer safe for babywearing.  Anyone investing in a wool wrap would do well to research proper washing technique.

Teviot is the only woven wrap made with wool that I have tried so far.  My sensitive skin tends to react to certain fabrics.  I can’t wear polyester and a few other un-natural fibers.  I have an itchy reaction to wearing wool in any form, including cashmere, merino, or pashmina.  I once borrowed an extremely high-quality pashmina scarf that didn’t bother me, but pretty much everything else did.

I was keeping my fingers crossed that the high quality of Didymos wool wraps would feel differently to me, but I was sadly disappointed. Most people don’t have this reaction to wool, and can enjoy the wonderful wrapping qualities it has.

Teviot has been woven by Didymos twice so far in its history. Teviot v1 (version 1) is what I show and describe in this post. Teviot v1 (version 2) was released in 2014.  Before the second release, it was hard to find and highly sought after. This meant it fetched a price quite above its original retail value.

When I tried it (before the second release), it was everything I’ve heard about it.  Soft, thin to medium thickness (as Didymos wraps go), bouncy, cushy, supportive, breathable, a bit textured, and overall everything I enjoy in a wrap.  Except my skin couldn’t handle the wool. Sad times.

Overall, the color reads white, a slightly creamy “off white” or ecru, with black.  The black is woven in such a way that it comes across dark grey, making it hard to pin down the true color.  The weave is gorgeous in person, subtle enough that you can’t call it a definite pattern.  It is classy looking and dresses up or down with flair.

Also, I am 20 weeks pregnant in these photos 😉


We would be thrilled if you would add YOUR OWN review of this carrier! Reader reviews located at the end of the post near the comments section.


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