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This carrier is:

  • Vienna Springs brand.
  • Ring sling.
  • 100% Dupioni silk.
  • Double layer of fabric.
  • 74″ long (they come in only one size, and I would call it size medium)
  • Blush is the name Vienna Springs has given this particular colorway

Words I would use to describe this carrier:

  • thin
  • strong
  • stiff
  • rough
  • grippy
  • shimmery
  • gorgeous
  • breathable

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This particular one was practically new, and not broken in at all.

Some of the qualities of dupioni silk are shiny, stiff, and grippy. Once washed several times, it can lose its sheen to acquire a more matte appearance. The shimmery elegance of silk is perfect for a fancy event such as a wedding; and many mamas also love it for everyday use.

Washing can help the fabric become softer.  Silk can also shrink if washed improperly. If purchasing used, asking for exact measurements can be helpful.

Silk is a breathable, supportive fabric, as fibers go. I used this sling for my sister’s July wedding in Texas, and it was not hot to wear. It is also thin and compact, and can be folded up very small for transportation.

Dupioni silk is naturally full of “nubs” or “slubs” – bumps, ridges, and lumps within the weave of the fabric. This is not considered a flaw, and is typical of this grade of silk fiber.

Ring Slings are wonderful in hot weather not only because they are just a single layer around both parent and child, but because they allow the child to sit upright, positioned slightly away from the body of the caregiver. When my baby’s belly is pressed against mine, the heat from our internal organs makes us both warm (sweaty in summer!). With a ring sling, our bodies touch near my hip and his legs/hips, keeping our stomachs away from each other and thus keeping the heat down.

Since silk is so thin, most silk ring slings are sewn using two layers of fabric, laid against each other, and stitched together along the hems. Some brands use one color of silk on one side of the ring sling, and an accenting color on the other side. This particular sling is the same color on both sides, even though it is two layers.

Vienna Springs is a new brand (sold on Etsy as of this writing), and is budget friendly as silk ring slings go. The quality was adequate, although this was one of her earlier slings (has a simple tag with just the name of her company, rather than the full logo she developed later). The seams were straight and tidy. One edge was folded in half; the other was stitched. So one wider piece of fabric was used, folded in half then sewn to make the double layer. The newer double-layer silk slings made by Vienna Springs are stitched on both side seams, rather than folded on one side and stitched on the other side.

I washed mine once with cold water, hung it up to dry, and steam ironed it. It did not shrink or lose sheen in my case, with just a single washing.

Having owned silk clothing, I have found silk to stain easily (especially with bodily sweat, saliva, etc.). I was nervous about ruining this pretty sling, and would be equally nervous to own a carrier that could stain easily, and did not handle multiple washings well – simply because my carriers get dirty, food, etc., often. I use my carriers in daily life and toss them around – a fussy fabric like silk can’t fit my lifestyle!

That said, silk is an extremely supportive fabric. It is not “cushy” on the shoulder, but it bears weight well, and can carry a heavy baby with ease. My son weighed about 17 lb at the time I used this sling, and it was very comfortable.

Since this particular dupioni silk was not broken in, the fabric felt rough and scratchy to me. I am texture-sensitive, and I really did not enjoy wearing this on my skin. I have heard that silk “breaks in” to get very soft, but haven’t owned any other silk to experience it. If I were to try silk again, I would want to purchase a used one that was broken in and soft, because I would not repeat the roughness of this again.

The rough, grippiness of the silk also meant the fabric got stuck in the rings very easily. If it was not perfectly threaded, the fabric jammed in the rings and would not budge. This is a nice feature once it’s adjusted and you don’t want it slipping out. It’s frustrating otherwise. I would not recommend a silk ring sling for a beginner at using ring slings, because of this factor.


We would be thrilled if you would add YOUR OWN review of this carrier! Reader reviews located at the end of the post near the comments section.

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