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This carrier is:

  • Sakura Bloom brand.
  • Ring sling.
  • 100% dupioni silk.
  • Two layers of fabric sewn together.
  • 72″ long (this one has been washed, which may have caused it to shrink a couple inches from the Sakura Bloom standard length of 74″)
  • Simple Silk is the name Sakura Bloom has given the combination of two layers of dupioni silk with the same color on both layers.
  • Malbec is the name Sakura Bloom has given this particular colorway.

Sakura Bloom describes their simple silk ring slings this way:

“Crafted from two layers of lush, hand loomed silk. Full of character and dimension, the natural nubs and slubs of the threads tell the story of this textile’s origins in the mulberry trees of India. Natural workhorses, Simple silks are grippy and strong, supportive and breathable, absorbent and lightweight”

Words I would use to describe this carrier:

  • strong
  • textured
  • grippy
  • rough
  • shiny
  • shimmery
  • elegant
  • fancy
  • vibrant

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Dupioni silk is the most common type of silk used to make ring slings. It is more affordable than some other types of silk, and is readily available. Dupioni silk is incredibly textured,  full of bumps and lumps of fabric that may look like knots, streaks, lines, or clusters of threads bunched together. This is normal for this type of silk. The texture means the fabric has a bit of a rough feeling to it, and is very “grippy” in the rings.

The grippy characteristic can make it difficult to adjust the fabric through the rings. It also means that once adjusted, it will stay put. Some ring slings begin to lightly loosen through the rings, with a heaver baby. That would be quite unlikely with dupioni silk.

Silk is sensitive to detergents and water. Washing it, even in cold water, can cause shrinkage. Sakura Bloom ring slings typically measure close to 74″. This one currently measures 72″ long and 25″ wide. It had been washed before I owned it, and I also washed it once in cold water. Some people call this “cold dip” to refer to washing a silk sling in cold water. Care should be taken when choosing a detergent for silk baby carriers. I washed this one without detergent. It should never be put in a hot dryer, but instead hung up to dry.

Steam ironing (on both sides of the fabric) is an excellent way to help “break in” or soften the fibers. This one felt noticeably softer after steam ironing. It is worth noting that when I was ironing it without the steam, the wrinkles hardly budged. It would have been quite a wrinkly sling without a steam iron.

The “grip” and “crunch” of silk are qualities which attract those who are silk ring sling fans.


The color of Malbec is a deep wine, between burgundy and plum. It leans more toward a purple hue than a red hue.

The shimmer and shine of silk is stunning, and impossible to capture as well in photos as it appears to the eye. For a sling to wear at a wedding or other elegant event, a silk sling would be a my first choice. When silk is washed, it can sometimes dull the shine, creating a slightly more matte appearance. This one still shimmers and glistens in the light.

The Sakura Bloom website has photos of all the colors they sell. Of the slings I have owned, I have found the “in real life” look of the photos to be nearly identical to what is shown on the screen. Their photography does an excellent job of reflecting the true color of the fabric.


Silk ring slings are typically made with two layers of fabric stitched together. This one is a double layer, and is seamed on all sides. The shoulder ends up with almost four layers going over my shoulder, which feels amazingly cushy and supportive.

Sakura Bloom “Simple” Silk is two layers of dupioni silk, with the identical color on both layers. Sakura Bloom “Essential” Silk is the same construction and fabric, but having different colors on each layer, creating contrast.

This particular sling measured:

  • 72″ long
  • 25″ wide
  • 6″ from rings to shoulder seam

It weighs 11 oz.


Sakura Bloom ring slings are considered “one size.” This size comes a bit above my knee, and is also usable by my broad husband to use with our toddler. The sizing of a ring sling has to do with the fabric length, and is a versatile fit. A larger wearer and larger baby will “use up” more fabric, and a smaller wearer and smaller baby will need less fabric. The size and length and wearer’s size will determine where the tail falls on the body. Most wearers would be able to use a medium size sling.


This is the first Sakura Bloom silk ring sling I’ve tried, although I have also tried a Vienna Springs dupioni silk ring sling.

It is about halfway broken in, as silk goes. It isn’t as rough and crunchy as brand new silk, but it isn’t as soft as I’ve heard silk can get. Since it’s already hot where I live, I’m wearing tank tops and short sleeve blouses. I have sensitive skin, and found that the texture of the silk rubbed under my armpit, and wasn’t comfortable. I adore super soft fabrics against my skin, and prefer to choose softer fabrics than this, for my personal use. I have heard that dupioni silk can get quite soft, but I haven’t owned one yet that is fully broken in.

I did appreciate the grip of the fabric in the rings, as my 22 lb toddler can cause the fabric of other ring slings to loosen over time, slowly slipping a little through the rings. For a brand new wearer, the grip of a new silk ring sling might be a bit challenging to get accustomed to.

The cushy support on my shoulder surprised me really, consider that silk is so thin. The layers of the fabric sewn together ended up with about four layers over the top of my shoulder. It was quite comfortable, at least as comfortable as 22 lb concentrated on one of my shoulders, can be!

I tend to use ring slings for short periods of time – 30 minutes or less. They are quick and easy to pop a baby in and out. They give a baby space to wiggle a bit and look around and view the world. This is especially important at an age where the child might otherwise refuse to be in a carrier because of feeling restricted physically or visually.

We would be thrilled if you would add YOUR OWN review of this carrier! Reader reviews located at the end of the post near the comments section.

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