Seven Slings Pouch Sling Review


This carrier is:

  • Seven Slings brand.
  • Pouch sling type of carrier
  • 100% cotton
  • Size small.

Words I would use to describe this carrier:

  • compact
  • lightweight
  • breathable
  • awkward
  • un-adjustable

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Pouch slings are sold by a few brands such as Seven Slings. At the time I was pregnant with my firstborn, there were “free” (pay only shipping) coupons for Seven Slings, and the like, in new-parent goodie bags, everywhere.

Free isn’t always better than nothing, especially in the case of baby carriers. While the pouch sling is a functional carrier when used correctly, it wouldn’t be my first choice for a new parent. It would also be disappointing for a new parent to use only this type of “free” carrier, then give up on babywearing all together.


The fabric is basic cotton fabric, such as one would find at a fabric and craft store. It is 100% cotton, thin, lightweight, soft, and breathable. In this case, the pattern is a pretty kelly green and white, but they come in a wide variety of patterns. As with all regular cotton fabrics, the print is only on one side. The reverse side is plain white.


Pouch slings are worn over one shoulder, across the body, similar to a ring sling. However, unlike a ring sling, the pouch sling cannot be adjusted to fit differently-sized wearers or children.

Pouch slings are one layer of cotton fabric, shaped almost in a large loop, but having the seam sewn in a slight C-shape, to better fit around baby’s body.

Pouch / pocket slings, such as this one, must be sewn to fit the combined body size of the wearer and child. If the wearer changes (for example, father and mother trying to use the same sling), or if the child changes (wearing the sling with a newborn or toddler), the pouch will no longer fit properly, and may not fit at all.


Pouch slings are sold with a recommended sizing according to the wearer’s tee-shirt size. This may end up being about one size too-large, for many wearers. In this case, I am wearing a size small sling. I typically wear an extra-small size shirt, but I also am wearing a toddler, not a newborn. The sling is fitting us in these photos, although if it were a ring sling, I would have tightened the top “rail” (part of the fabric that is going under baby’s armpits), as that section felt a bit loose.

A pouch sling is an incredibly basic pattern, and new ones could be sewn (using safe DIY baby carrier techniques) to accommodate changes in wearer or baby size. However, the carrier itself does not adjust sizes. Flipping the shoulder up and over, or leaving it un-flipped, does adjust by a couple inches, but that is a small amount.

As a result, it can be challenging to achieve a secure and comfortable fit, in a pouch sling, especially for a new wearer.


A properly-sized pouch sling can be quick and easy to pop a child in and out of. It can also be an excellent diaper-bag or purse or car emergency / back-up carrier. As with all carriers, some people like it and others don’t. Personally, I would steer a new wearer toward a different type of carrier, simply because the seven sling does not have as much variety and longevity of use, as other affordable carriers. With a newborn, the seven sling does not provide the adjust-ability I would prefer to see, to adequately support a floppy newborn body.

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