Sleeping Baby Productions | Mesh Water Ring Sling | Review


This carrier is:

  • Sleeping Baby Productions brand.
  • Ring sling.
  • Single layer of fabric.
  • Sling rings are black color and size small.

Words I would use to describe this carrier:

  • smooth
  • silky
  • thin
  • airy
  • breathable
  • saggy
  • lightweight

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While Sleeping Baby Productions is no longer making these water slings, this sling will look and feel very similar to other brand ring slings which use the same fabric.

Polyester athletic mesh is the most popular fabric used for water carriers, especially ring slings. It is also used by some other brands for water wraps.

Sleeping Baby Productions made water slings with a pleated shoulder style, and size small Sling Rings.

Water carriers can be used for wading in shallow water, keeping baby contained while schlepping gear to and from a water location, showering while babywearing, and every day summer use.

*Please note that I was a beginner babywearing when these photos were taken. My son’s position in the ring sling is not quite ideal. His knees are a bit low, and should instead be up higher than his bum. Also the fabric does not extend into the small of his knee but is working its way up his thigh. It is a bit easier for these problems to occur with a polyester mesh water ring sling, than any other fabric type ring sling. This is because the slippery fabric slides easily. However, I could have done a better job positioning him with a deeper seat (bum lower than knees), which would have helped avoid that problem, and created a more secure carry for him.*


Polyester jersey mesh is an athletic fabric many people may recognize. It has small holes throughout the fabric, and has quite a bit of diagonal stretch. It does not stretch vertically or horizontally. The diagonal stretch helps make for a comfortable fit and a bit of “give” that eases pressure on the shoulder.

The fabric is silky and smooth, and extremely lightweight and breathable. It would make a cool and budget-friendly summer ring sling, whether in or out of the water.

This sling is a teal color with black sling rings and black serging stitching along the edges.


This particular ring sling is a size Small. I found it useful to have a shorter tail, so as not to have fabric getting in the way for outdoor and water use.


In my case, with a heavy toddler, I found the amount of diagonal stretch to feel saggy and unsupportive. I have a personal preference away from any fabrics with too much stretch, even too much diagonal stretch, and tend to prefer fabrics with firmer support.

I felt the fabric was also slippery. I was a novice user at the time I owned this ring sling, and I had trouble getting the fabric to “lock” in the rings without slipping. I was informed by the manufacturer that slippage can happen if the rings are not properly threaded. This may have been the case when I used this ring sling, since I tried it early in my babywearing journey.

Because the fabric itself is a bit slippery against itself and against other fabrics, it made me nervous when my toddler would arch or squirm. The fabric would slide down his back as he wiggled. This can happen in any ring sling, but the effect was more pronounced because the mesh fabric slid easily against his UV-protective swim shirt.

I could see using a polyester mesh ring sling of this brand, or another brand with a smaller baby. For a toddler, I prefer the stronger support, no stretch, and slightly grippier fabric of the Zanytoes Splash ring sling.

For water wearing with an infant, I might prefer a water wrap over a ring sling. The ring sling has the benefit of a tail which can be used for covering up while breastfeeding if desired.

For wearing near water for longer periods of time, where a ring sling will become uncomfortable due to the one-shoulder carry, I personally enjoy the Connecta Solar buckle water carrier.

We would be thrilled if you would add YOUR OWN review of this carrier! Reader reviews located at the end of the post near the comments section.

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