Soul Slings | Serenity | Wrap Conversion Full Buckle WCFB Soft Structured Carrier SSC | Toddler Size | Review

This carrier is:

  • Soul Slings brand.
  • “Full Buckle” is the name Soul Slings has given to this size/structure carrier.
  • Soft structured carrier (SSC), sometimes called a buckle carrier.
  • Wrap conversion full buckle (WCFB), meaning sewn from a woven wrap.
  • Manufacturer ready-made conversion (the manufacturer makes the wrap fabric and the carrier both).
  • 100% cotton.
  • Fabric and carrier manufactured in India by Soul Slings.
  • “Serenity” is the name of the jacquard weave color and pattern combination.
  • Toddler size (Soul makes Standard and Toddler size full buckle carriers).

Words I would use to describe this carrier:

  • structured
  • soft
  • comfortable
  • flexible
  • moldeable
  • contoured
  • supportive

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The Soul Slings full buckle wrap conversion carrier is an SSC (soft structured carrier) made from soft woven wrap fabric. The wrap fabric is also produced by Soul Slings. The entire carrier is made from the woven wrap fabric – no rough canvas to be found!

The jacquard fabric is soft, floppy and breathable. The padding used for shoulder straps, waistband, and legs-out area is squishy, flexible, and moldable to the body.  It is cool to wear, lightweight, and available in a wide variety of colorful prints.

Soul Full Buckles are available in Standard size and Toddler size. My eighteen-month old still fits perfectly in the Standard size, with room to grow. The Toddler size actually fit my four year old!

The toddler shown in these photos wears size 2T to 3T pants, and weighs 35 lb. It is also noteworthy that the wearer in these photos, has never worn his son before in a carrier. It was easy for him to get this carrier on and off, with brief instruction, and he found it comfortable.

Soul Slings carriers are produced in India, benefiting the local community. The company is small, family-owned, and has high manufacturing ethics. The final product is affordable, even cheap considering the quality to price point, while also empowering the local community in Bangalore, India.


The following is from the manufacturer’s website:

“Soul full buckles baby carriers are made out of 100% handwoven cotton wraps. They are lightweight, breathable and very comfortable for all weather conditions. Our full buckles are very easy to use and highly adjustable – they can be used by parents as well as other caregivers among friends and family since they are one size fits all! Buckles make them very quick and hassle-free. They are designed to carry the baby in a comfortable, ergonomic and natural position, which is ideal for his/her growing body. When worn correctly, these full buckle carriers distribute the weight of the baby evenly on your own body, and help you comfortably carry your baby for long periods. They can be worn in front and also back carries.  Soul full buckle carriers are designed and hand made in Soul studio, Bangalore, India.”

Full Disclosure – Soul Slings has provided this carrier to us in exchange for action shot photos provided for their business use. It is of utmost importance to me, that my opinion and description remain unbiased. I have reviewed several other Soul Slings carriers, which I purchased and reviewed of my own accord, without cooperation with the manufacturer. You can view my other Soul carrier reviews here.


The entire carrier is made from woven wrap fabric. The fabric is incredibly soft, even though this carrier came to me new. The fabric is thin, floppy, and moldable. It has a very light texture but I would call it smooth feeling to the touch overall. . Based on the touch in hand, I would say it is a medium weight of fabric, as woven wraps go. The fabric has mild diagonal stretch, which adds to the comfort of the carrier.

This particular print, titled Serenity, is a jacquard weave in an elegant pattern. It has a Baroque sort of appearance, with elegant swirls and leaf shapes. The thread colors are rich red and deep navy blue. These tones have quite a bit of contrast to each other, and combine to the eye. From a distance, the fabric appears a deep pink or pinkish red. Soul Slings states their budget brand may have “normal” fabric and weaving flaws. I found none on this particular carrier.

It is worth noting that the padding on Soul carriers cannot be ironed. The unpadded, fabric-only sections may be ironed.


The Soul Slings full buckle carrier in toddler size is comparable in fit to the Lenny Lamb toddler full buckle. The Toddler Tula and Toddler Kinderpack are also very close to the same size, as far as measurements go (the fit on the wearer’s body being much different however). The body panel measures approximately 18″ x 18″ laid flat, after a wash.  The deep seat darts and diagonal stretch of the fabric make it fit around 19″ wide. The manufacturer states it is 19″ wide and 18.5″ tall. My hand-taken soft tape measurements are detailed below.   The manufacturer states it may be used for 11-25 kg (approximately 25-55 pounds).


I have worn this with my 37 lb son, who is 4 years old and wears size 4T pants. Because of his weight, I only wore him in a back carry.

This carrier I found quite comfortable in a back carry.  While I try not to rave about certain brands, I have to say this is in my top three most comfortable SSC buckle carriers when used in a back carry.

The padding is lighter and less bulky than most SSC brands. The padding is moldeable to the body and does not create pressure points as firmer padding can do. For wrappers, or those who don’t generally like the fit of an SSC, this may be a good choice. It feels breathable, moldeable, lightweight, and soft.

The fabric is deliciously soft, and the available patterns are so lovely as to be difficult to choose from.  At an affordable price point, while supporting a company with ethical trade practices, it is easy to love this carrier.



The main body panel is two layers of fabric. Having only two layers of lightweight fabric, and no internal padding, makes it breathable for baby and wearer. It has deep seat darts, and squishy legs-out padding. The legs-out padding feels the same as that used for the shoulder straps and waistband. The sides of the body panel are lightly contoured, and the top of the body panel is flat. The hood is attached to the flat top body panel.

18″ wide flat, 19″ wide when stretched to include seat darts

18″ tall to top of body panel, stretches a little because of the jacquard weave, close to 19″ tall




The hood is permanently attached to the top of the body panel. It is huge as hoods go, definitely large enough to be used when needed, with a tall toddler. The hood is a single layer of fabric, so when it hangs down, the reverse pattern of the wrap fabric is shown. It has a flat shape. It has cinching channels on either side, with two reach tie cords inside each channel. The hood is generously sized, and the reach ties are long. The manufacturer tag is sewn onto the end of the hood.

Since I don’t use hoods except for newborns, I found it easy to get the hood out of the way. I cinched it completely, and tied the reach ties onto the nylon webbing of the shoulder strap. There are sliding hooks on the shoulder strap nylon webbing, for attaching the hood ties to, to keep the hood covering baby’s head if needed. The reach ties are made from the same fabric as the rest of the carrier.

13.5″ wide

13″ tall

5″ reach ties



The waistband has the same structure as the Standard size Soul Full Buckle. However, it has two extra seams, sewn at an angle, to help the waistband contour better around the wearer’s body, given the larger body panel (and heavier child) that would be worn in it.

It is is padded with a medium thickness of padding. The padding is quite unique for SSC’s I’ve owned. It is slightly thicker than a quilted waistband, such as Lenny Lamb, but thinner than a heavy waistband, such as Tula and Kinderpack. Primarily it is the feel of it in hand and on the body which is unique. It is squishy and flexible, while retaining its shape. I found that it molded to my body nicely, without pressure points. The same padding is used for the shoulder straps, waistband, and legs-out padding. This is in comparison to many brands of SSC which use stiff, firm padding. This has a softer feeling, greater molding to the body, and a squishy, flexible sensation when worn. It feels light rather than bulky.


The waistband padding is sewn into three sections, to wrap around the body better. It also has an additional triangle-shaped stitched section. One buckle is anchored and sewn on top of the padding. This can keep the buckle from digging into the wearer’s waist. There is an elastic safety strap for the waist buckle. The nylon webbing extends only on one side of the waistband, and has an elastic band to hold the extra rolled up.

4″ tall at center, tapers to 3″ tall at sides

29″ padded fabric section (can be tightened smaller than 29″ due to buckle placement)

33″ nylon webbing on only one side

2″ nylon webbing width

27″ minimum waist length

63″ maximum waist length




The shoulder straps have the same measurements as the Standard size Soul Full Buckle.

The shoulder straps have thin, squishy, flexible padding, the same padding as the waistband (see my description of the padding in the waistband section). The straps are contoured in shape. They do not unbuckle at the sides, so the straps cannot be crossed over the back in a front carry.  It has PFA’s (perfect fit adjuster buckles), and a chest clip with room to slide a bit.  The buckles at the end of the strap are sewn on top of the padding, to help prevent the buckles pressing into the wearer’s body. There are sliding hooks on the nylon webbing, for attaching the hood ties to, to keep the hood covering baby’s head if needed. The nylon webbing has elastic loops at the ends for rolling it up. There are two parts to the shoulder strap – the long shoulder part attached to the top of the body panel, and a smaller padded section attached to the side of the body panel. There is nylon webbing and cinching buckles located on both of these padded sections.

22″ fabric section length along inside of contoured shape, 23.5″ fabric section measured along outside of contoured shape

First 5″ of fabric section near body panel is unpadded, to allow PFAs to be tightened

19″ nylon webbing attached to main shoulder strap (has elastic at ends for rolling up)

1″ width of nylon webbing

4″ padded fabric section attached to side of body panel, with a buckle sewn on top of it, nylon webbing and elastic attachment (safety elastic as well as elastic for rolling up the webbing)

11″ nylon webbing attached to small padded section near body panel (has elastic at ends for rolling up)

5″ PFAs

24.5″ smallest shoulder strap length without tightening PFAs

20″ smallest shoulder strap length with PFAs fully tightened

56″ longest shoulder strap length

We would be thrilled if you would add YOUR OWN review of this carrier! Reader reviews located at the end of the post near the comments section.


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