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This carrier is:

  • Soul brand.
  • Mei Tai (an Asian-style carrier).
  • 100% cotton
  • Wrap Conversion (mei tai is sewn from a jacquard woven wrap)
  • Manufacturer made (Soul manufactures the woven wrap fabric and the mei tai converted / sewn from the woven wrap)
  • One size (what I would call standard size, but the manufacturer currently sells only one size.
  • Fabric and carrier made in India

Words I would use to describe this carrier:

  • soft
  • breathable
  • textured
  • supportive
  • comfortable
  • vibrant

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The fabric is 100% cotton jacquard for this particular mei tai. Soul makes other mei tais in woven cotton (not jacquard) and woven linen. Soul sells jacquard woven wrap fabric in the form of a woven wrap, or sewn into a ring sling, or sewn into a mei tai like this one. The entire carrier is made from the woven wrap, with the inside of the hood and shoulder straps showing the “wrong” or reverse side of the woven pattern.

The fabric is soft right out of the box. It fluffs up and feels delightfully soft and “broken in” after just a wash and iron (please note, do not iron the shoulder padding). The fabric has a light texture of the pattern, which adds a little grip for the reinforcing passes to stay put.

The fabric is a medium/thin thickness, with an airy weave. The fabric is lightweight and breathable, and the construction of the carrier is streamlined. Manufactured for the warm Indian climate, it is usable in other hot climates.

Soul states their jacquard fabric is machine in local mills within India, supporting the local economy.


Manufactured currently in only one size, what I would call standard size based on the measurements. The manufacturer recommends them for 15-40 pounds (7-18 kg).


The following is from the manufacturer’s website:

“Soul Tai ergonomic baby carriers are Asian-inspired, soft-bodied carriers with a contoured cotton/linen body panel, generous waist straps, and hybrid padded shoulder straps that open out into full wrap width so that you get the even weight distribution of a wrap shoulder with the comfort of a padded shoulder.

“These lightweight carriers are made out of natural fibers, ensuring comfort for you and your baby in all climates. Can be used in front, hip and back carries. With all the cush, bounce and support of our jacquard wraps, Soul jacquard wrap conversion Soul Tais are soft right out of the box. Being 100% cotton, they are very easy to use and care for. They also offer wonderful support. The weave allows the tiniest bit of stretch, making them beautifully moldable to your body as well as your baby’s.

“Soul Tais are designed, developed and professionally handmade in Soul Studio, Bangalore, India.”

Full Disclosure  – Soul Slings has provided this carrier to us in exchange for action shot photos provided for their business use. It is of utmost importance to me, that my opinion and description remain unbiased. I have also reviewed other Soul Slings carriers, which I purchased and reviewed of my own accord, without cooperation with the manufacturer. You can view my other Soul carrier reviews here.


Padded shoulders with the padding in the center of the strap width, and wrap-style fabric extending on both sides of the padding. Wide straps provide comfort and support. Long strap length provides flexible sizing and length for alternate finishes. Cool, light, and breathable.

Produced in India, benefitting the local community. The company is small, family-owned, and has high manufacturing ethics. The final product is affordable, even cheap considering the quality to price point in the babywearing market.


No manufacturer-made adjustments to the body panel. Mei tais can be manually adjusted and worn in different ways by the user, so this is not really a problem, just a point of contrast to other adjustable mei tais.

Soul is proud to be a “budget” brand, and states that some weaving flaws such as skipped threads, slubs, are normal for their fabrics and carriers.


The body panel is flat without manufacturer adjustability.  It is  made of three layers of woven wrap fabric. The body panel is sewn separately from waistband, but since waist is not padded, the body panel structure is more free-form. This allows it to be worn in different manners, to adjust for the height of the child. It has seat darts. The stitching where the shoulder and waist straps join the body panel, is a lovely arched shape reminiscent of religious buildings in India.

16″ wide

16″ tall without waistband

21″ tall including unpadded waistband


The waistband also has three layers of fabric. It appears to be one-piece with the body panel, since the fabric pattern does not change. However, it is stitched in a manner to show a distinction between the waist and the body. It is floppy and flexible, and surprisingly comfortable considering it is unpadded. The long waist ties are two layers of fabric, with pointed-shaped ends rather than tapers. The inside of the waist panel has a large fabric tag with required wording, and a small tag with manufacturer and fiber information. The fabric of both tags are soft and silky.

Waist Band Height – 5″ tall / wide beneath body panel

Waist Strap Height – 7.5″ wide for most of strap except pointed ends

Waist Band Length – 42″ from end of body panel to tip of strap (total of 99″ of waist from end to end)


The shoulder straps have a unique padded/wrap design. The padded section is in the center of the width of the wrap strap, so that unpadded fabric extends on both sides of the padded section. I found this quite comfortable, as the fabric could be tucked under the padded section, or pulled out to expand over the shoulder. The padding is squishy, but has a bit of a firm structure to it. It molds nicely to the body. The manufacturer instructions also to NEVER IRON the padding, as it would melt internally. After the padded section is completed, the rest of the shoulder strap is a single layer of fabric, with hems on all sides. There are fabric loops on the shoulder straps, to connect the hood ties to (or as toy loops if desired).

12″ wide

Length – total of 90″ long from shoulder to pointed tip, 14″ of that is padded/wrap section


The hood is a single layer of fabric, with cinching sides and reach ties. Since it is only one layer of fabric, the “wrong” or reverse side of the woven wrap is shown, providing an attractive contrast. It is generously-sized. Two reach ties on each side are sewn from the same fabric. The hood is seamed where attached to the body. It cinches up quite small, to be tied out of the way, as shown in the photos. It could function as a headrest or head cover.

13″ tall

11″ wide

5″ dual reach ties

We would be thrilled if you would add YOUR OWN review of this carrier! Reader reviews located at the end of the post near the comments section.

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