Storchenwiege Baby Carrier | Half Buckle Mei Tai | Violet | Wrap Conversion Mei Tai WCMT WCHB| Review


This carrier is:

  • Storchenwiege brand (nicknamed “Storch”).
  • Mei Tai Half Buckle (long straps with a buckle waist).
  • Wrap conversion mei tai (WCMT) or Wrap conversion half buckle (WCHB), meaning sewn from a woven wrap.
  • Manufacturer made (the same manufacturer who weaves and sells the woven wraps, sews and sells these carriers).
  • 100% cotton.
  • Violet is the name of the color.

Words I would use to describe this carrier:

  • strong
  • bouncy
  • versatile
  • adjustable
  • simple to learn
  • soft

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This is the same color as the Leo Violet wrap, but is a cross twill weave instead of diamond weave. It is true red and royal blue woven together, appearing purple from a foot or so away. It has a slight bounce to the fabric, although it is not stretchy, the diagonal part of the fabric has some light stretch woven in. This makes it quite a bit more comfortable on the shoulders, compared to a basic cotton fabric mei tai.


In 2015, Storchenwiege significantly re-designed their mei tai, which they call the Storchenwiege Baby Carrier. This model is the older model, prior to 2015. The measurements and description will also pertain to the older model, which this is.

  • Likely to fit about 2/3 months old through about 18 months old.
  • May be able to fit newborn, with the body panel fully adjusted to its smallest size.
  • In these photos, my baby is 12 months old, 21 lb, and 30 inches tall. I have the body panel cinched several inches, to narrow the base. I only narrowed the base because it otherwise was too big for my waist.


  • Several adjustments allow the body panel to be sized for smaller / larger children.
  • Soft, comfortable fabric.
  • Easy-to-learn introduction to mei tais, since it has a buckle waist and short, narrow shoulder straps.


  • Opening the body panel to release the hood also increases the height of the body panel.
  • Straps are short compared to most mei tais, and will affect how much length users have for reinforcing passes or tying off.
  • In order to make the waist small enough for myself, I had to partly cinch the base of the body panel, reducing its width to support my baby. It still fit him adequately, but is a consideration.
  • Nylon webbing on waist and hood, and bulky zipper, are a bit unattractive.
  • Waist buckle is a safety buckle, requiring two hands to open.


Body Panel Structure – Two layers of fabric. Base of body panel cinches horizontally. Sides of body panel cinch vertically using cord and toggle. Top of body panel folds down with a separating zipper, to reduce / increase the body panel height, or access the hood.

Body Panel Width – 16″ wide, cinches to 6″ wide

Body Panel Height – 18″ tall from top of cinch mechanism (where baby’s seat would be) to top of body panel with zipper hood open. 11″ tall when hood zipper is closed and vertical cinch is completely tight.


Waist Band Structure – Base of body panel waist has no padding, just the internal nylon webbing. Extending past the sides of the body panel is a padded waist, which transitions again to nylon webbing only.

Waist Band Height – 3″ tall / wide

Waist Band Length – 6.5″ padded section where body panel ends, 16″ nylon webbing, 3″ buckle

Largest possible waist size – 57″

Smallest possible waist size – 29″ if not cinching body panel, can cinch body panel to reduce waist size


Shoulder Strap Structure – Partly padded, partly unpadded, narrow straps. For padded straps, these are lightly padded and actually wider than others, which are often 3″ or 2.5″. The extra width makes it more comfortable compared to narrower straps. Ends are tapered.

Shoulder Strap Width – 3.5″

Shoulder Strap Length – 72″ long total, 26″ of that is padded


Hood Style – double layer, cinches horizontally, attached to shoulder straps with nylon webbing and buckles

Hood Height – 11″

Hood Width – 9″ at base, tapers to 11″ at top

Reach Ties (nylon webbing) – 11″

We would be thrilled if you would add YOUR OWN review of this carrier! Reader reviews located at the end of the post near the comments section.

6 thoughts on “Storchenwiege Baby Carrier | Half Buckle Mei Tai | Violet | Wrap Conversion Mei Tai WCMT WCHB| Review

  1. Hi there this carrier looks awesome! Is there any way to get them in the US? I cannot find them anywhere online! Thanks!

    1. Hi Marcie! From what I can tell, these are not currently sold within the U.S. I periodically see them for sale, secondhand, on the Facebook groups such as Babywearing on a Budget or The Babywearing Swap or Babywearing FSOT. Good luck!

    2. Thanks, Joy! I will check those groups out! One last question–does that zipper go to a pocket or is it just to store the hood?

      1. Just the hood. It won’t make a pocket. The zippers are attached above and below the hood with a small flap of fabric – and open on the both ends. Couldn’t store anything in it! A close look at the flat shots may help show that detail better!

  2. Hello –

    I’m looking for a baby carrier I can carry baby in three ways:
    on the front facing in
    on the front facing out
    on the back.

    any suggestions?


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