Three 3 Sweet Peas Mei Tai | Review


This carrier is:

  • 3 Sweet Peas brand.
  • Mei Tai (an Asian-style carrier).

Words I would use to describe this carrier:

  • simple
  • cute
  • small

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The information I have been able to find information about the 3 Sweet Peas brand is limited. This carrier was given to me, and was a gift to the prior owner also. I found one post stating that an original owner purchased one from the maker, at a sort of baby item fair / booth. There are no tags except the brand tag, so my guess it that it is a discontinued brand made prior to the regulation changes of 2015.


The body panel is different fabric on each side, and quite soft. The straps are a rough fabric. My guess based on how they feel to the touch, is the body panels are lightweight cotton and the straps are cotton canvas. The waist straps were a bit challenging to tie, due to the thickness and roughness of the canvas waist strap.


The body panel is lightly padded internally, perhaps with quilt batting (just a guess), as it has a little “fluff” to the feel when squished from the outside. Basic safety stitching is present, and obvious, since the shoulder straps are sewn on the outside of the panel (quite unusual as it isn’t as visually appealing as straps sewn inside the panel).


The body panel is much smaller than most basic mei tais, making it a better fit for a smaller baby. I have shown it with my fifteen month old, and with a doll that is 21″ tall and weighs about 6 lb. The doll’s legs are spread further apart that a newborn baby would be, but the height of the body panel is about right.


14″ wide

12″ tall (not including waistband or headrest area)

15 tall (including headrest area, but since the headrest area is not thick, it did not provide support)


62″ total length (33″ of that is lightly padded)

3.5″ strap width


25″ waist strap on either side of body panel

64″ total waist strap length, end to end

3.5″ strap width