Vatanai | Orkney | Woven Wrap | Review

This carrier is:

  • Vatanai brand.
  • Labyrinths pattern / weave.
  • Orkney is the name of the color / fiber blend.
  • 100% cotton.

Words I would use to describe this carrier:

  • soft
  • squishy
  • smooth
  • moldeable

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This was one of my very first woven wraps, three years ago! I’ve tried so many things since then, which gives me a different perspective than when I first wrote about it on my old blog site. I will still say it makes an excellent beginner wrap. It had just the right amount of grip and slide of the fabric, making passes easy to tighten. It had quite a bit of diagonal stretch, and the cotton was nicely cushy on the shoulders. It might not be my first choice anymore for a toddler over 25 lb, but it is still an excellent overall wrap. It was sold to me as cool and breathable for hot weather. I’ve since tried things which I consider cooler to wear, yet equally or more supportive.  I wouldn’t call this cool to wear, but it’s also not super thick and hot. I would wear it maybe in up to 80 degrees or around there.

Here’s what I wrote about it three years ago!

Ah, Orkney.  This is one of those wraps that does it all.  It’s soft and cuddly for newborns.  It’s sturdy and supportive for toddlers.  It wraps easily, even for a newbie wrapper.  It’s thin and moldeable, but cushy.  It has long tapers so you can tie a small, tidy knot.  As they say, this wrap, wraps itself.  It’s a piece of fabric that you would like to cuddle with and read a book and sip tea with.

I am wearing this in a double hammock carry.

The color is an earthy, muted blue green. It isn’t a vibrant or saturated color. It is a versatile color, and beautiful.

This wrap is between a size 5 and size 6, measuring at 4.5 meters.

The brand is Vatanai, nicknamed “Vat.”

Labryinths is the pattern of this wrap, and there are several different colors of the same weave / pattern.

I had heard Vatanai was known for its wraps being thin and breathable.  We were warm in this. I couldn’t wear it in the afternoon 90’s we’ve been having.  But it would be pleasant at 70-75.  Vatanai Kipewa (which I have touched, but not owned), is much thinner and lighter in comparison to Orkney.

When wraps are brand new, they are often stiff or rough.  They require “breaking in.”  This basically means breaking down the fibers until they wear down enough to become soft and pliable.  Orkney is one of those wraps that doesn’t need much breaking in.

Another unique feature of Vatanai wraps is the “tapers” or ends of the wrap, are deeper than most brands. This creates a thin point at the end of the fabric.  It makes it easier to tie a knot at the end, and creates a small, tidy knot.  One of the things I didn’t like when I saw pictures of people wearing wraps, is gigantic, bulky knots. Not so with this Vatanai.

As a beginner, this wrap was easy to work with and extremely soft. Had I truly fallen in love with wrapping, this one I could see keeping for a while.

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