Mama Metal Jewelry

Introduction to “Mama Metal”

The term “mama metal” was coined in 2015 to describe fine jewelry (silver, gold, etc.) made with durability in mind. This type of jewelry is made using chains along with larger, decorative links. Silver and gold chains and links have been made for centuries all over the world. In recent years, it has been made specifically with strength in mind, and marketed to the babywearing community.

For many moms, the birth of their first baby marks the end of jewelry-wearing. Dangly earrings are out of the question. Costume jewelry necklaces are likely to be ripped off. Expensive, fine metal jewelry can be stronger and may survive longer, depending entirely on its construction.

A baby is born – such a sweet little thing! A few months later, while nursing, or being worn in a baby carrier, or being held, baby pulls too hard. Mama’s pretty beads spill on the floor. With a sigh, she closes the lid of her jewelry box for the next two or three years. Or longer, if this child isn’t her last.

Within the last few years, metalworking artisans have been springing up, making jewelry to address this need. A need mothers have to wear something sparkly and pretty. A need for babies to twiddle with something while breastfeeding. A need for it to survive a the strong hands of a grabby toddler.

Many crafters have sprung up on Etsy, making various types of “nursing necklaces.” These might be assembled from fabric, wooden beads, silicone beads, ribbon, crocheted yarn, or wrap scraps. While these are lovely, they aren’t fine jewelry.

Artisans in the “mama metal” industry hand-make jewelry from precious metals, manufactured with safety and durability in mind. Mothers can once again wear “real” jewelry during the years their children are small.

Carefree Cocoon will be featuring “Mama Metal” artisans, and their work, on our site. Not all artisans claiming to manufacture “mama metal” are using safe manufacturing standards. We will feature  companies which we believe to be reliable. That said, our legal disclaimer is – you are an adult. Use your own common sense, and judgement. We are not responsible for what you choose to wear or use around your children.

Finally, children often manage to break even things which are designed well. “Mama Metal” jewelry may not be completely “unbreakable.” The benefit of working with these artisans, is they stand behind their creations. Most are moms too. For specific safety information, or for repairs to a super-strong design that an even-stronger-child managed to destroy, contact the individual artisans.

We recommend the Facebook group “Mama Metal”, to learn more.