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This carrier is:

  • Wompat brand.
  • “Baby Carrier” is the name Wompat has given to this size/structure carrier.
  • Soft structured carrier (SSC), sometimes called a buckle carrier.
  • Semi wrap conversion full buckle, meaning part of the carrier woven wrap fabric.
  • Vanamo (brand) Kide Vese (wrap name) is the woven wrap used to make the exterior of the body panel
  • 100% cotton.

Words I would use to describe this carrier:

  • structured
  • attractive
  • simple

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Wompat soft structured carriers are currently manufactured in three sizes – Baby, Toddler, and Preschool. This particular one is Baby size. Some Wompat buckle carriers are full wrap conversion (all fabric used to make the carrier is a woven wrap), and some are semi wrap conversion. The price will vary based on the wrap brand used, and what percentage of the carrier is made from a woven wrap. The semi-wrap conversions have an exterior body panel of wrap fabric, while the rest of the carrier is cotton twill.


This semi-wrap conversion has woven wrap fabric for the exterior of the body panel, exterior of hood, and also reach ties. The woven wrap is Vanamo brand. The name of the pattern is Kide (which Vanamo has woven in several colors); the name of this color is Vesi. It is a bright turquoise with white, in a finely-detailed geometric pattern. It reminds of a miniature maze puzzle! This carrier came to me brand new, so it is not broken in. The wrap section is quite textured and a little rough. I would imagine in wrap form, it would be grippy. The rest of the carrier is made from grey cotton twill. The cotton twill is neither rough nor soft to my touch, but again, has not even been washed. I would imagine it gets much softer with a wash and some use.


This “baby size” Wompat still fit my eighteen month old, who weighs about 24 lb and is around 32 inches tall. At his weight and height, he would be ready to size up to standard size, but the baby size is still comfortable and supportive for him. I would be better off purchasing a standard size for him, since he will continue to grow. However, if I already owned the baby size, he could still use it. It comes with a small ribbon-like strap which can be used to cinch the body panel for a smaller baby. Also, the top of the body panel has a cinch cord. The manufacturer has tested it for 7-45 lb.


The fit was a little different than most other SSCs I have tried. The padding is a medium weight. I appreciated that the straps could be worn backpack style, or crossed in the back, and the chest clip is fully removable. The pixie-shaped hood is huge. I found that it was in the way a bit, since I don’t typically use hoods. I was able to roll it up and tie it out of the way, to my satisfaction. When the hood was hanging down, the reach straps were quite long, and easy to grasp. Once I pulled the reach ties straight up above my head, the hood fell right into place easily. It was the easiest of any hood I’ve tried, to get over baby’s head, when baby in on my back. Under most circumstances, it is nearly impossible to get a hood onto a baby worn on the back. As you can see from the photos, my toddler does not like hoods!


The top of the body panel has a cinch cord, to narrow the width. A separate ribbon-like piece of wrap fabric is provided, to cinch the base of the body panel manually. The instruction manual suggests wearing the waistband “apron style” (warning label facing away from the body), to reduce the height of the body panel. The manual also shows a newborn baby with feet inside the carrier in the froggy position. The challenge with this, is obtaining optimal position for baby, so that baby’s weight is still on his bum, rather than sitting on his feet. A small diaper or rolled up blanket under baby’s bum could help achieve this, but again, this is not part of the manufacturer recommendation. Another option (not shown in the manual) could perhaps be to roll the waistband outward, away from the body.  In this case, the warning label would be visible. Since the waistband is straight rather than contoured, rolling it in either direction is possible – unlike most SSC carriers which have a contoured waist. In any number of methods (manufacturer or otherwise), this carrier is intended by the manufacturer to fit newborns and infants.  The weight limit is 7-45 lb.

The body panel has three layers of fabric – the exterior woven wrap, the interior cotton twill, and an inner layer between those, which feels the same thickness as the cotton twill. It has thick, squishy, legs-out padding, and deep seat darts.

15″ wide including seat darts

15″ tall to top of body panel

11″ wide across top of body panel, when upper cinch is fully tightened


The hood is very large, and has a pixie / hoodie shape. The reach ties are very long, and easy to reach in a back carry. It was quite easy to get the hood on my toddler, by myself, when he was on my back. With most SSCs, this feat is impossible. When the hood is not in use, it is quite bulky. I found a way to roll it up and tie it, to keep it out of the way. The exterior of the hood is woven wrap. The interior is cotton twill.

10″ wide across base

17″ wide / 8.5″ deep at top of pixie shape

11″ tall

12″ reach ties


The waistband shape is straight, rather than contoured. It is thickly padded with squishy padding. It is quilted horizontally into three “rows.” The nylon webbing is attached in equal parts to both sides of the waistband fabric section. The waistband fabric is cotton twill. The interior of the waistband has the large warning label required these days. It is printed on silky polyester ribbon type fabric.

4″ tall at center, tapers to 3″ tall

24.5″ padded fabric section

15″ nylon webbing on both sides, along with 2″ buckles

2″ nylon webbing width

26.5″ minimum waist length

56.5″ maximum waist length


The shoulder straps are straight, rather than contoured. They have PFA’s over an unpadded fabric section, then a padded section with tapers in width. It has a dual-adjust nylon webbing and buckle, where there is a lengthy piece of nylon webbing attached to the end of the shoulder strap, and another lengthy piece of nylon webbing attached to the side of the body panel. The buckles can be un-snapped. It can be worn either backpack style, or with straps crossed over the back in a front carry. The chest clip is completely removable, and not attached. This means it slips and slides up and down the strap a bit. The bonus, is that for use with straps crossed over the back, where the chest clip is not needed, it can be removed so it’s out of the way. The nylon webbing is not sewn all along the length of the shoulder strap. This is quite unique, as most brands have the nylon webbing fully along the length of the shoulder strap. I tend to find nylon webbing to rub my skin near my arms and armpits, and appreciate a carrier that has less nylon webbing.

18″ fabric section

First 5″ of fabric section near body panel is unpadded, to allow PFAs to be tightened

16.5″ nylon webbing attached to main shoulder strap (no elastic for rolling up)

2″ width of nylon webbing

18″ nylon webbing attached to side of body panel

5″ PFAs

20″ smallest shoulder strap length without tightening PFAs

15″ smallest shoulder strap length with PFAs fully tightened

54.5″ longest shoulder strap length

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