Wrap Conversion Podaegi WCP | Shiny Star Designs SSD | Girasol Snowflame | Review

This carrier is:

  • Podaegi (an Asian-style carrier).
  • Shiny Star Designs is the conversion artist (a person/company who uses woven wraps of various brands,  stitches them into a new carrier, and sells them in the new converted form).
  • Wrap conversion podaegi (WCP), meaning sewn from a woven wrap.
  • Made from a wrap which is Girasol brand, Snowflame is the name of the colorway.
  • 100% cotton.

Words I would use to describe this carrier:

  • soft
  • fun
  • slippery
  • unique

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A podaegi (pronounced poe-DAY-ghee) is an Asian style carrier that has been modified some in its use in the US. I have seen some fantastic photos of Korean mamas wearing authentic podaegis; they wear the straps horizontally over their breasts instead of over the shoulders how I have done it here. The baby rides a bit lower on their back as well.

 The anatomy of a podaegi consists of a large flat panel of fabric called the blanket, and two long straps. There is no waistband, and no structure to the body panel “blanket.”

At the grocery store one day I was wearing my son. The Japanese lady giving free sushi samples, commented excitedly on how I was wearing my baby. She described her podaegi and was shocked I knew what it was. She said she had kept the podaegi she used with her daughter, and was about to be able to use it with her granddaughter, as her daughter was about to have a baby. What a sweet moment!

This podaegi began its life as a woven wrap, and was sewn into a podaegi by a conversion artist / company called Shiny Star Designs.

The wrap is Girasol Snowflame. Snow flame combines blue stripes with warm orange and yellow stripes.

Girasol is a brand of wrap handwoven in Guatemala. They tend toward bright colors and most are stripe patterns. Girasol wraps are soft and supple even when new.  They have a texture that reminds me of cotton flannel. Soft, thin, warm, smooth, even a bit slippery when worn with a heavier child (in my experience).

This podaegi has padded straps that fan out to wrap style straps. They are half the width of the original wrap. The padding is about twelve inches long, then the rest of the strap fans out to become unpadded wrap straps. It has straight straps (compared to other pods which have angled straps at the junction where they attach to the body or blanket).

Traditional podaegis are made with short blankets for summer and long blankets for winter, so I was informed by my Japanese friend at the grocery store. So the blanket portion is literally serving a purpose.

The straps are wrapped around the baby’s body over and under the knees to create a “seat”, just as you would with a woven wrap. The narrow straps mean that there is less fabric than you would have with the full width of a woven wrap, so I found it easier to wrap this around my body that a full wrap. The simple structure of the pod shape gave me some extra support.

The padding that Shiny Star Designs (SSD) uses in their shoulder straps is squishy and comfortable. It was easy to achieve a high back carry where my son could see over my shoulder. This pod blanket was the full width of the original wrap, so it was a bit too wide for my shoulders. It had a short blanket. The excess hanging under him after wrapping him up, I tucked between our bodies to keep it out of the way.

Since Girasol twill tends to be a bit “slippery” rather than “grippy”, I found that once my son was 24 lbs or so, I could no longer use Girasols.

Overall I liked how I could get him high up on my back, and I liked combination of a bit of structure with simplicity of use.

I have wrapped this one with ruck straps, then a knotless finish (very similar to Tibetan).  Since I don’t like the tails of a knotless finish hanging down in front of me, I twisted them a few times and passed them under my arms, behind me, and tied under my son’s bum. It was very comfortable to wear this way!

We would be thrilled if you would add YOUR OWN review of this carrier! Reader reviews located at the end of the post near the comments section.