Wrapsody Breeze Iris |Cotton Gauze Wrap | Review


This carrier is:

  • Wrapsody brand.
  • 100% cotton.
  • Iris is the name of the color / pattern.

Words I would use to describe this carrier:

  • textured
  • lightweight
  • breathable
  • compact
  • airy

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The Wrapsody Breeze wrap is considered by many to be an affordable entry-level wrap. It is one of the lightest, thinnest, most breathable fabrics I’ve tried in a wrap. It is ideal for hot weather, and for small babies.


Wrapsody describes this fabric as “woven cotton gauze.” Fabric called “cotton gauze” may also be purchased an a fabric store, and cut into a DIY wrap. However, the cotton gauze sold at fabric stores is not the same thing as this wrap. While both fabrics had similarities in texture and breathability, the Wrapsody Breeze is thicker, more durable, and feels closer to a woven wrap when worn.

The fabric does not have a visible weave, like most woven wraps, where you can see the threads over and under each other creating the pattern. It appears to be fabric that has the pattern dyed onto it, rather than a fabric where the threads are dyed prior to weaving.

The fabric has a light texture to it, and had a nice combination of “grip” and “slide” when being wrapped. It was a little more “slippery” than I prefer in wrap fabrics, as I was wrapping, but stayed put once we had it on. It was a little rough to the touch, even though it was quite used.

It has a bit of diagonal stretch, but certainly is not a stretchy type of fabric.

The color of the Iris wrap is lovely. The stock photos I found seem more vibrant than the used wrap I had in-hand. It is possible the used wrap I show here is faded from wash wear. If it is not faded, then I would say the stock photos appear more vibrant than the colors do in person. It is still quite colorful, just a little muted. The colors cover the range of the rainbow, and the pattern is like wavy thin lines.


The Wrapsody Breeze is currently sold in three sizes: S/M, M/L, and L/XL. The tag on this one says size “B.” My exact measurements are below, but the size “B” was roughly comparable to a size 6 woven wrap. The size of the wrap in this case, will be functional for almost all wearers. It can be wrapped different ways, both for the size and needs of the baby, and the shape and needs of the wearer.


Although this wrap has had several owners, I felt the fabric was a little rough compared to many regular woven wraps. I would still say this has a “fabric” feel to it, rather than a jaquard “woven” feel to it, although the Wrapsody website calls this “woven.” At one time, there were hardly any true woven wraps available in the price range of the Wrapsody wraps. In the used marketplace, there are now many brands comparable in price. If budget was the only constraint, there may be other woven wrap to consider. The greatest reason to choose this wrap, in my opinion, is for wearing in extremely hot weather. It is thin and airy like very few carriers could be. A pure linen ring sling would be comparable as far as lightweight and breathable, but a wrap is much more versatile than a ring sling, as a type of carrier. A wrap can be used for front, back, and hip carries, and wrapped in countless ways for function or fun.

The fabric is very thin, probably one of the thinnest available in wraps. The thinner the fabric, the more careful strand-by-strand, even tightening is needed, to achieve a comfortable carry. A sloppy or quick wrap job in a thin wrap, especially paired with a heavier baby, will result in shoulder and body discomfort for the wearer. This doesn’t mean it can’t be used with a heavier child, but that more careful wrapping will be needed to achieve a comfortable fit, especially if wearing for an extended time.


One end of the wrap is a blunt end with rounded corners. The other end is folded in half and partly sewn to create a large pocket. I could imagine wrapping the carrier in a manner so as to use the pocket in place of carrying a larger purse along.

The wrap comes with a small carrying bag with both a velcro flap and a zipper opening. When folded and placed inside the carrying bag (which was easy to do), it is extremely compact and would be easy to toss in a diaper bag or purse.

It would also make an excellent car / backup / emergency carrier, as it could carry any size child in a pinch.

The edges of the fabric are serged, but not hemmed over the serging. This means the serging is visible.


26″ wide (manufacturer website states 24″ but mine measured 26″)

182″ long

Length of this size B is equivalent to 4.6 meters, which is a size 6 woven wrap.


“Our Wrapsody Breeze baby carrier is as lightweight and cool as it sounds, and it’s compact enough to tuck into your purse when you’re not wearing it.

“Our Breeze wraps are reported by our customers to be the lightest weight wrap carriers available. They are made from bottomweight cotton gauze, heavier than the gauze used to make broomstick skirts (do people still know what those are?). The gauze is not “stretchy,” but rather, supportive and strong and with the diagonal give that is necessary to make any wraparound carrier comfortable. Each has a storage pocket sewn into the end that can either hold the wrap itself while not in use or can be used to store a wallet, car keys, or other lightweight items while carrying baby.

“Many customers find the Breeze wraps to be fabulous beginner carriers because the fabric is lightweight and easy to maneuver. People love them in hot weather. Because they are so light and airy, they require more precise wrapping to achieve optimum comfort. Some customers find that this helps them master the art of wrapping more quickly, but other customers find it a drawback and prefer a wrap that’s a bit more forgiving of sloppy wrap jobs, such as our Hybrid wraps. Petite mamas also sometimes prefer this wrap because it comes in sizes. Although the Gypsy Mama has comfortably carried even very large children in this wrap, if your child is over 35 pounds you may find it most comfortable for carrying 30 minutes or less. With children heavier than this, it can still be used to carry for periods greater than 30 minutes but requires more frequent adjusting for optimum comfort.

“Iris is the winged goddess of the rainbow, said to move as swiftly as the wind. You, too, can get around as quickly as Iris when you carry your child in the subtle rainbow stripes of this carrier, moving unencumbered and with free hands. The rainbow stripes of this wrap are rich, earthy, and subtle — perfect for the person who loves lots of color.

  • Lightweight, strong, and compact
  • For front, back, and hip carrying
  • The most versatile style of carrier on the market
  • Packs into a self-storing pocket for travel
  • Fairly traded
  • Rated up to 35 lb”

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