Zanytoes Splash! Solara Yellow | Water Baby Carrier | Ring Sling | Review

This carrier is:

  • Zanytoes brand.
  • Ring sling.
  • 100% nylon UPF 50+
  • Single layer of fabric.
  • Solara is the name of this particular colorway.
  • Sling rings are silver color and size medium.
  • 72″ in length
  • 29″ in width

Words I would use to describe this carrier:

  • sturdy
  • durable
  • airy
  • breathable
  • light
  • thin
  • silky
  • strong
  • supportive

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“Solarweave is water friendly and can be used by the pool, ocean, or lake. Dries fast! SolarWeave fabrics block more than 98% of the sun’s damaging UVA and UVB rays. It is lightweight, washable, breathable and soft. Solarweave rates Excellent UV Protection. UVBLOCK certified for certain protection after laundering. All colors are rated UPF 50+ (Ultraviolet Protection Factor 50+)

WARNING! DANGER! USE COMMON SENSE AROUND THE WATER! Do not swim, water-ski, snorkel, or dive while baby is in the sling. Always be mindful of your baby’s height in the sling and do not use in deep water. This sling is not a life preserver or flotation device and should not be used as such.

The shoulder design is Zanytoes exclusive Splash! design for a bit of cushioning in your sling. Splash! slings are often sewn with a contrasting thread color that can be custom ordered.

Recommended for 12 through 35 pounds.


The water carrier many people would be familiar with is an athletic mesh polyester ring sling. I have reviewed that type of ring sling made by Sleeping Baby Productions, but the same fabric is used by many different brands. Personally, I found mesh water ring slings stretchy, saggy, slippery, narrow, and overall not supportive for my heavy kiddos. That said, many people enjoy using them, so I could be in the minority.

The Zanytoes Splash ring sling is just as lighweight, quick drying, and affordably-priced as mesh ring slings, but much more supportive. The fabric is thin, airy, and lightweight, The texture is smooth and silky soft. It has a bit of grip to it as it passes through the rings. It has zero stretch, in any direction, so it has strong, solid support. For anyone who finds the mesh fabric a little scratchy on the skin, this is also a great alternative.

Since the fabric is so thin, Zanytoes sews these with a floating-gathered shoulder style. This shoulder style places two layers of fabric over the shoulder, with only one layer of fabric for the rest of the body panel. This adds cushion and comfort to the wearer’s shoulder.


The Zanytoes Splash ring sling is the exact same UPF 50+ fabric that is used for the Connect Solar water buckle carriers (I have reviewed standard size Connecta Solar and toddler size Connecta Solar). This fabric can also be easily purchased to be made into DIY water carriers. It is my favorite fabric used to make water carriers, of those I’ve tried. It is soft and silky, thin and smooth. It is airy, breathable, strong, and supportive. It doesn’t stretch or sag when wet, and also isn’t heavy when wet. It is lightweight, and dries very quickly. It actually makes a fantastic summer ring sling, for any hot weather wearing, in or out of the water.

This color is called Solara, and is a bright, cheery, saturated, mustard-toned yellow. The rings are silver, and the stitching is a paler blue color that has some contrast to the fabric color. The aluminum sling rings are medium size. I have also owned the Splash Royal blue color.

It is available in a handful of colors, all made from the same fabric, with the same construction.

One item to note – if ordering the Splash ring sling brand new from Zanytoes, be sure to specify in your order if you want the thread color to match the fabric color. I recommended this ring sling to a friend, who ordered the Solara color directly from Zanytoes. It was sent to her with bright purple stitching that she felt clashed with the golden yellow color of the sling.

Each Zanytoes Splash can be customized with the ring color and thread stitching color requested, so be sure to specify upon ordering!


Zanytoes used to manufacture their Splash ring sling in a variety of lengths. They currently sell them new only one length – 72″ (although it may be possible to contact them privately to ask for alternative length if needed). 72″ is on the short side, what I would consider a size small. The good news, while in an outdoor area, or in the water, a long tail of fabric gets in the way. A shorter length is easier to manage, in my experience.

The width is a few inches wider than many ready-made ring slings, which provides a deeper seat and easier wearing with a toddler. The fabric isn’t too bulky for a small infant however.


I have used a Zanytoes Splash ring sling with my children ranging from five months old to three years old. Ring slings place all the child’s weight on one shoulder, so generally speaking, they are best for shorter periods of time. One of these is always in my summer stash, regardless of the age of my babywearing-age child.  I quite prefer them over athletic mesh ring slings.

For water wearing for longer periods of time, where a ring sling will become uncomfortable due to the one-shoulder carry, I personally enjoy the Connecta Solar. The Connecta Solar is a buckle carrier made from the same fabric as the Zanytoes Splash.

We would be thrilled if you would add YOUR OWN review of this carrier! Reader reviews located at the end of the post near the comments section.